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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014’s JJ O’Brien Was 260 Pounds in College — See His Transformation! (PHOTO)

All season long on Bachelorette 10, we’ve been referring to the recently-departed cutie JJ O’Brien as a “stringbean” or “lanky,” due to his thin, 6-foot-5 frame. Andi Dorfman’s pantsapreneur pursuer was so natural in his equally hot/goofiness that we just assumed he was always a thin guy. But, lo and behold, one magical Throwback Thursday shot shared by JJ himself proves otherwise!

Credit: JJ O'Brien on Twitter    

This week, JJ took to Instagram to get in on the nostalgia action. “#tbt to my college days at 260lbs…” JJ tweets alongside a shot of someone who eerily looks like… OMG, that’s JJ! He may be 60-70 pounds heavier, but we can still see that endearing smile hidden behind the fratty hair.

If it appears that JJ was a co-ed in the ‘80s with his checked blazer and off-white slacks, don’t worry — this dude isn’t two decades older than he first purported. The 30-year-old shares in the caption for his Instagram post that the photo was taken at an ‘80s prom-themed party in 2004. Looks like a fun time!

Clearly, 10 years can make all the difference for some people. Though JJ didn’t win Andi’s heart, he did walk away from his stint on The Bachelorette as a fan favorite for his lovable goofiness, the wild pants (designed by him) that he so gamely wore on-camera, and of course, his Kennedy-esque good looks.

Looks like JJ survived the freshman 15 (or 50, but who’s counting) years just fine. Hey, we’ve all been there. Beer and late night pizza are so good, but they’re both cruel mistresses.

Are you shocked by JJ’s dramatic weight loss? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: JJ O’Brien on Twitter/Instagram