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Teen Mom

Adam Lind Is Nine Months Sober — See His Transformation! (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind is a multi-talented man, but his number one skill might just be "Is Super Good at Being Arrested For DUIs." Adam has a whopping three DUIs under his belt (he got them in the space of just six months), the latest of which went down on March 31, 2012, when Adam was arrested for driving while intoxicated with a suspended license. Girl, no.

Credit: Adam Lind on Instagram    

Adam paid the price for getting behind the wheel drunk and was sentenced to a 90-day work release stint back in March 2013, and it looks like he finally learned his lesson. This dude is currently 100 percent sober, and has officially started making health a priority!

"7 months :)" Adam captioned a photo of his amazing body transformation. "Went from 140 to 188 feels good to be 9 months sober and gym everyday ... well almost every day!

Adam has packed on some serious muscle in the past seven months (LOOK AT HIS NECK), though let's not forget that he's been accused of taking non-prescribed steroids to get fit.

All we know is that Adam's pectoral muscles are basically a size B cup, and his shoulders are like a mountain range. We want to go to there.

Are you impressed that Adam is nine months sober? Let us know in the comments!