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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Says He Wants to Get Married in Venezuela — Are He and Nikki Engaged?

Engagement rumors (along with occasional whispers of a breakup) have plagued The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis and winner Nikki Ferrell since he didn’t propose on the Season 18 finale. In fact, the pair seems more closely watched than the government’s no-fly list, with their every move scrutinized for clues on their relationship status. So when one of JPG’s Twitter followers recently asked the soccer stud where he wanted to get married, we were all ears.

The tweeter asks, “if you could get married (your choice) anywhere, where would it be?!” El Bachelor responds with a pretty “duh” answer for anyone who knows his love for his native country, “In VENEZUELA.” Um, guys? Is there something we’re missing? Did JPG do or say something recently that prompted that question? Did he announce his engagement to Nikki in front of a stadium of soccer fans and we missed it?

Nope. Looks like the tweeter was just curious (as we all are) and fishing for some possible deets. But JPG is playing his cards close to his sleeve, not giving out any hints as to when — or even if — a Venezuelan wedding may be. Sigh. We tried, Nikki. We tried.

What do you think — if you were Nikki would you want a wedding in Venezuela? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter