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Angel Haze on Dating Ireland Baldwin: “An Interracial Gay Couple” Is Weird For America

Rapper Angel Haze, 22, and model Ireland Baldwin, 18 (daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger) are in a relationship, and have been so for a little while now. As Angel spelled it out several times to The Independent , "we f**k."

Angel told The Independent she found it funny that the media kept calling them "best friends," when there's more to it than that.

Ireland most recently dated surfer Slater Trout, but a source said they split earlier this year. She and Angel met during New York Fashion Week, and started off as friends before the relationship progressed. But apparently they've had a tough time getting people to take them seriously as a couple.

"There are still certain limitations for women,” Angel told the U.K. paper. “If we were two guys, it’d be insane, negatively insane with the attention. With us, it’s all being very positive. The media are like, ‘Oh they’re so cute, they’re best friends’. An interracial gay couple, I mean that’s just weird for America right now. We f**k and friends don’t f**k. I have never f**ked one of my friends. Once I see you in that way, it doesn’t happen. But we f**k and it’s crazy and that’s weird to say because I think about it in terms of an audience reading it and them thinking, ‘What the hell?’ But it happens."

Credit: Ireland on Twitter    

Angel added to the Telegraph of the UK that she's very much in love with Ireland. She told the Independent being with Ireland has changed her outlook. "Definitely, when you find it love it definitely amends your perspective on certain things. I was dating a guy I really liked about a year ago and being around him and realizing so many things about myself totally made me hate the traditional ideas of what a relationship should be, of what romance should be. You go out and you’re searching for this utopian feeling, butterflies, that thing where you can’t stop thinking about them. It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.”

Ireland was just at Glastonbury, where Angel performed — singing “Love Me Again” to her girlfriend. They also spent time with Lana Del Rey, and Ireland shared a photo with the singer, writing, "this one is for you dad."

No word on how Alec feels about his daughter dating Angel, but we’re guessing he’s happy if she’s happy. And she seems happy.

Sources: The Independent, Telegraph of the UK, Ireland on Twitter