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The Kardashians

Celebrity Shapewear Slips: Spanx You Very Much! (PHOTOS)

Being an A-list celebrity requires looking fabulous at almost every hour of the day. (Seriously, who would want that job?) The pressure to look perfect is so shockingly high, even the most beautiful of stars have some tricks up their sleeves to keep them looking flawless.

The thing is, they don’t always do the best job of keeping these body-perfectors a secret. (And thank God for that. It makes us feel better about ourselves knowing they need help too.)

Case in point: Spanx. The slimming shapewear is favorite among some of the biggest celebs in the world. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez have proclaimed their love for Spanx, and in a few instances, we’ve actually seen the shapers in action!

Click through to take a look at the hot celebs who have had Spanx-flashing moments, because a little slip of the shapewear, apparently, happens to the best of us.