Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 9, “Three Way No Way”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 9, “Three Way No Way”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 9, “Three Way No Way” gave audiences a lot more than they could possibly digest in one go. Not only did we learn that Benzino’s new gal, Althea Heart, “Smashed the Homie” Stevie J., but turns out Rasheeda Frost’s bestie Kalenna Harper is all about extra-marital loving with the ladies.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Joseline Hernandez throws massive shade. Joseline meets up with Benzino’s new gal, Althea, at the studio and throws massive shade her way by questioning Benzino’s role in her music career. When Althea remarks she’s able to make a new single in one night, Joseline is unimpressed and says she’s not sure if Benzino, who has been in the hip hop world for decades, is the greatest person when it comes to music. She also tells Althea she wasn’t too pleased with her behavior at the grand opening of Sleazy & Zino’s Bar and Bistro (where Thi Thi threw a drink on Zino’s ex, Karlie Redd), but Althea justifies her actions by saying the drink “slipped” from her grasp when Karlie started talking recklessly. At the end of the meeting, Joseline gives Althea a bit of “advice” warning her to look out for herself and stay out of trouble.

2. Kalenna reveals she’s in an open marriage. While shopping for the “Cadillac of mattresses” at a bedding shop for the living space in her studio, Kalenna reveals to Karlie that she often has relations with her best friend, Ashley. Kalenna adds that her husband, Tony, is OK with having Ashley fulfill her womanly needs and Karlie is shocked and amazed. Kalenna further explains that while she and Ashley have been friends (and lovers) since their teenage years, she’s is not in love with Ashley, but does love her as her best friend. Karlie takes it all in, saying that Kalenna’s frisky lifestyle is making her question her own, and Karlie jokingly offers Karlie one night with her. Karlie laughs it off, while Kalenna admits that if she did sleep with Karlie, Ashley would probably be pissed.

3. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost get it on. Kirk is officially out of the dog house, as he and Rasheeda resume being intimate and are now laying in bed talking to each other. Rasheeda explains Kirk took massive steps to correct his ways by surprising her in New Orleans, but the two of them have a long way to go before they can be 100 percent. Kirk tells Rasheeda he is willing to do what it takes to keep her happy — even if it means talking to Rasheeda’s mom, Shirleen, but he will not tolerate Shirleen’s abrasive attitude.

4. Mimi Faust and Nikko get ready to drop the tape. Mimi meets with Dawn to discuss the upcoming release of their sex tape, and Nikko, who Mimi hasn’t seen since throwing him out of the house, shows up too. As Dawn talks strategy with the couple, Mimi is turned off by Nikko’s eagerness to earn money and jokes of possibly “getting a sequel.” When Dawn asks about the tension between the two, Mimi explains Nikko’s questionable behavior at the club and her kicking him out of the house for it. Dawn tells Mimi not to worry about Nikko because she needs to handle their business, but Mimi’s not sure if she wants to work with Nikko anymore.

5. Joseline wants a showcase. Stevie J. and Joseline work on a new record, and Joseline is irritated that not only is Stevie working her hard, but that she hasn’t had a showcase. Stevie tells Joseline she’s got a long way from being “perfect,” but he does agree it’s time for her to hit a stage for audiences to see her. Switching gears, Joseline tells Stevie she went to the studio to see Althea, and Stevie’s not happy with Joseline sizing herself up against his best friend’s woman. Joseline goes on to say she thinks Althea gets around, and questions if Stevie’s ever slept with her. Stevie tells Joseline he’s seen Althea once or twice in the streets, but doesn’t go into much detail.

6. Ariana Davis confronts Nikko. Ariane tells Mimi that Nikko’s taking advantage of her, insinuating Nikko leaked the sex tape. Mimi says she loves him and takes his word for it, and has to deal with the tape being dropped. Mimi says she doesn’t know what to do, and Ariane tells her that she loves her friend and wants to see her happy.

Later, Ariane visits Nikko at the gym to get answers from Nikko. Ariane cuts to the chase and asks Nikko how their sex tape got to Vivid. When Nikko says he has no idea, she tells him she thinks he’s lying. He goes on to say Ariane is free to come to her own conclusions, and she tells him that she feels he leaked the tape due to his nonchalant attitude about its debut, while Mimi is completely stressed out. Nikko goes on to tell Ariane that everything is fine and that all she needs to do it pay attention to her friend. Furthermore, Nikko tells Ariane she’s a fake friend (who is beneath him) with no other interest than to capitalize off of everything Mimi’s doing. When Ariane tells Nikko he doesn’t care about Mimi, he tells her that he’s in it with Mimi and Ariane leaves.

6. Althea comes clean. Althea meets with Rasheeda, whom she’s known in the industry for years (and even worked with once). Rasheeda tells Althea she was shocked to hear about Althea’s involvement with Benzino, considering she’s familiar with Althea’s dating habits. During their lunch, Rasheeda tells Althea it’s best for her to tell Benzino about her past before they get serious as to not make him feel like she lied to him.

Taking Rasheeda’s advice, Thi Thi has a night with Benzino and asks him if he knows anything about her that he’s not ready to address. Benzino tells her no, but then she asks if he knew about her and Stevie J. having a fling. Zino says he didn’t know, despite being best friends with Stevie, and that he almost wishes she hadn’t told him. Thi Thi stands her ground saying she’d rather him know about it and discuss it with her instead of hearing it from someone else — namely Joseline, who appears to be holding out some information that Althea thinks Joseline is waiting to drop at the right moment. Benzino is clearly upset by everything and ends the conversation by throwing away his glass of wine in the fireplace.

7. Tony needs Kalenna to buckle down. Kalenna’s friend Ashley is in town, twerking all over the place and Kalenna’s in heaven. After getting settled in, Tony tells Kalenna that while the ladies can have their fun, they’re going to have to help Kalenna get some work done. Tony also wants to know what the arrangement between the three will be and Ashley basically tells the couple she’s only there for Kalenna — not Tony. Kalenna asks her husband if he doesn’t mind, and he says he doesn’t, but he’s clearly disappointed as the two head to bed.

8. Benzino gets bad news. Benzino leaves Atlanta after hearing the news that his mother passed away and he’s completely numb. As his family is in Boston, Benzino packs up to go home, but he admits that there have been problems with other family members.

Stevie J. tells Joseline the news and lets her know that he’s going to Boston to comfort his friend. In talking about the tragic news, Stevie realizes the urgency to have a better relationship with his own mother. Joseline is slightly upset that Stevie is leaving in the midst of everything going on with her career, but tells Stevie she’ll hold down the fort while he’s gone.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 9, “Three Way No Way” ? Tell us now in the comments below!

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