Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 10, “A Bullet In The Arm”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 10, “A Bullet In The Arm”

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta definitely upped the ante with Joseline Hernandez learning about hubby Stevie J.’s past, Tammy Rivera helping fiancé Waka Flocka Flame move through the pain of his brother Kayo Redd’s suicide, and Mimi Faust’s sex tape with Nikko getting its trailer. And to top it all off, we see the aftermath of Benzino being shot at his mother’s funeral!

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Erica Dixon dishes dirt with Karlie Redd. Erica D. meets up with Karlie and gives her the update on her relationship with O’Shea Russell, which is over. Karlie is sad to hear it, but then Erica tells her she learned that Althea Heart had an affair with Stevie J. and Karlie not only flips her wig, but vows to tell Joseline the juicy secret.

2. Kirk Frost confronts his mother-in-law. While looking over photos from the shoot with Sister2Sister magazine, Kirk sits with wife Rasheeda Frost and her mother, Shirleen. Kirk tells Shirleen that he takes responsibility for his cheating ways (in Season 2) and the DNA testing on their son, Karter, but he also tells Shirleen that she needs to take accountability for her own actions.

She refuses to apologize, but admits to Kirk (in Rasheeda’s absence) that she loves him and wants his and Rasheeda’s problems to go away. She also tells Kirk that he should throw an apology party to show his feelings are sincere. Though he thinks it’s a silly idea, Kirk resigns to do it, thinking it’ll possibly get Shirleen off his back.

When Kirk talks to Shirleen about the bike she trashed (in Season 2), she tells him to forget about those “material things.” In retaliation, Kirk snaps Shirleen Chanel glasses in half, which pisses her off. Rasheeda comes back to the table to find the two arguing and can’t understand why they can’t get along.

3. Karlie Redd tells Joseline about “HoThea.” At the gym with Karlie, Joseline gives her friend the lowdown on her confrontation with Stevie over the photos of naked women in his phone. She goes on to explain that while she told him she thinks it’s disrespectful, she won’t leave him.

During the conversation, Joseline also reveals that Benzino’s mom passed away, and that Stevie left to comfort his friend. When Joseline mentions that Althea went along with them, Karlie spills the beans that Erica D. told her Stevie J. and Althea had a fling. Joseline isn’t sure if she believes the gossip since it came from Erica D. and Mimi — two women she doesn’t trust — but she’s determined to learn the truth.

4. Tammy helps her family heal. Tammy meets with her soon-to-be mother-in-law, Deb Antney, and sees her drinking — something she doesn’t normally do. Deb goes on to say that she no longer wants to do a small wedding instead of the lavish one she had planned, since it’ll be more intimate and bring the family closer after the loss of Waka’s brother, KayO. She also thinks a small wedding will help Tammy balance the launch of her upcoming fashion line, T Rivera, so the bride-to-be won’t be stretched thin. Tammy agrees with everything, and is happy to see things are still moving forward in light of a sad situation.

5. Benzino gets shot. News breaks that Benzino’s been shot during the funeral procession for his mother. Althea rushes to the hospital to see him, and Benzino tells her what he remembers happening. During the mix up, he ended up bleeding on his mother’s coffin. He believes that his mother was looking out for him, and in that moment he tells Althea that her past with Stevie doesn’t matter to him.

Suddenly, Stevie walks in and sits next to his recuperating friend. Benzino tells Stevie that he knows about the fling with Althea, and he’s letting it go, because being shot has made him realize he loves Althea more than anything and couldn’t picture life without her.

Stevie, who is eager to not talk about his run-ins with Althea, agrees with Benzino and tells his best friend that the two make a nice couple, and that he loves him and just wants to see him get better. Benzino appreciates Stevie’s kind words and all three hug it out.

6. Nikko brings Mimi the trailer for their tape. Still reeling from their not-so-great last encounter, Mimi gets a visit from Nikko, who brings with him a copy of the trailer for their sex tape. Mimi asks Nikko if he’s watched it, and he admitted to seeing several times. He also tells Mimi about his run-in with Ariane at the gym, and relays that he thinks Ariane is just mad and probably learned a lesson from watching them have sex.

They watch the tape together, and while Nikko’s completely excited, Mimi’s not impressed. She’s totally unhappy, but Nikko tells her that she should be proud of their work and that he’s going to stand by her through it all the backlash to come.

7. Waka wants to get married… at the courthouse. Waka takes Tammy to dinner and tells her that he doesn’t want a big wedding. In fact, he doesn’t want a wedding at all and instead wants to just go to the courthouse and get it done. Tammy tells Waka that she wants to think about it, but Waka doesn’t seem to want to budge on the matter.

8. Lil Scrappy is missing Bambi. Lil Scrappy meets with Kirk and Yung Joc to discuss some relationship stuff. He tells his guy friends that he really misses Bambi and wants to get back with her. Yung, who has been friends with Scrappy for a long time, asks the Prince of the South if he’s really ready to end things with other women, and Scrappy asserts that he and Erica Pinkett are just friends — nothing more than a little flirtatious texting. With that said, both men tell him that he’ll have to do something to make it up to her and that’s what he does.

Later that night, Scrappy is waiting in Bambi’s driveway with a puppy. Bambi is shocked by the gesture and admits that she too misses Scrappy, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to handle the drama that comes with him. Scrappy insists things are over with Erica Pinkett, but Bambi says if they’re trying to get back together he’s going to have to wait, since she doesn’t know where they stand.

9. Stevie sets Benzino straight. On his way out of Boston, Stevie stops by Zino’s hotel to show his friend some love. As they talk, the topic of Althea comes up and Benzino tells his friend that he’s over the fact that Thi Thi had something with him. Stevie then tells Benzino that while he and Althea messed around, they never had sex.

When Stevie returns to Atlanta, he tells Joseline about his conversation with Benzino over the Althea fling. Joseline immediately goes on the attack, telling Stevie she knows he’s lying about not sleeping with Althea, since she’s asked around town and confirmed the rumor — including one saying they had sex at Benzino’s house. Stevie denies that anything of the sort ever happened, but Joseline is not backing down and even makes plans to attack Thi Thi the next time she sees her for being dishonest about their past together.

Joseline tells Stevie that she’s ready to sign the “walk aways” when he’s ready because she’s not going to be married to a cheater, but Stevie brushes it off as Joseline’s incessant jealousy. He walks away, and Joseline tells him to let Althea and Benzino know that she’s coming for Thi Thi.

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 airs Monday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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