R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 10, “Gett’n Married Now”  — Here’s What Went Down!
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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 10, “Gett’n Married Now” — Here’s What Went Down!

Monifah’s wedding to fianceé Terez is finally here, but will that keep the divas from bringing the drama? Not so much… On last week’s Season 3 finale of R&B Divas Atlanta we watched as KeKe tried to clear the air with both LaTavia Roberson and Angie Stone and well, adding a bit more fuel than the fire needed. Talk about a whirlwind vacation!

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Episode 10, “Gett’n Married Now”:

The divas head to Hawaii for the wedding! After the conclusion of the one-night only concert, Monifah and the divas board a plane to hit Hawaii for Monifah’s wedding to her partner, Terez. When the ladies land, Monifah and Terez head over to the venue of their destination wedding and finalize the plans for their special day. Terez actually breaks down in tears over the beautiful arrangements and settings and Monifah is also overjoyed with the way things look.

Meelah and LaTavia decompress. While walking on the beach, LaTavia and Meelah talk about their one-night only performance. LaTavia tells Meelah she felt as though she was constantly attacked, but Meelah tells her that she should be proud that she eventually showed up and performed for the divas. Meanwhile, on another beach, both Syleena and KeKe revisit the concert and applaud LaTavia for showing up to sing, but are still baffled by her wanting to being a part of the divas while not singing. At another location, Angie and her boyfriend, Ashanti, invite Syleena and Syleena’s husband to take some surfing lessons to officially bury the hatchet between them regarding the touring mishap. The ladies hop on the boards and try their best to keep their footing, with varying success.

Monifah thanks the divas with a performance. To show appreciation for the divas showing up to share their special day, Monifah and Terez take the ladies and their significant others to a hula show. After watching the dancers on stage (and even joining them too!), the gals and their partners sit down to relax. When Syleena asks who of the group is going to get married next, Angie’s boyfriend laughs off the suggestion that they may follow in Monifah and Terez’s footsteps. Syleena adds that she believes weddings invoke feelings of love and propels others to get married and Angie agrees.

The next day, Angie and Ashanti go kayaking and tells Ashanti she’s thankful for him coming out to do romantic things with her, but she asks him one more time if he sees marriage in their future. Ashanti dances around the subject, before saying it will happen when the time is right. Angie realizes that she’ll just have to be patient.

KeKe questions LaTavia’s “Diva.” The night before Monifah’s wedding, KeKe joins Meelah and LaTavia for drinks. Meelah asks the group what they expect from the wedding tomorrow, and KeKe says she’ll be singing. When LaTavia remarks she didn’t know there would be any singing from the cast for Monifah’s big day, KeKe turns to her asks, “Are you a diva or aren’t you?” LaTavia and Meelah are clearly caught off guard, but LaTavia says she’s definitely a diva. KeKe then tells LaTavia that if she’s a diva, then she should just sing. As LaTavia is about to state her case, Syleena and Angie join the group. KeKe then says she’s just frustrated because as a fan, she hoped LaTavia would sing something and since she hasn’t done anything, she’s growing “aggressive”. Angie and Meelah agree, but Meelah says she knows that when LaTavia is ready to do it, she will. KeKe, however, does not back down, telling LaTavia that all of the ladies are in the music industry — including LaTavia — so if she’s really a diva, she would sing. LaTavia barks back that she didn’t know by being a “diva” she had to sing. Both KeKe and Angie ask LaTavia if she had to sing, what would she do, and a noticeably agitated LaTavia responds by singing a verse of “I’m Feeling Good.” The divas applaud LaTavia’s gesture, but then the conversation takes yet another turn.

KeKe puts Angie on blast. Moments later, Angie asks if anyone knows who will be singing at the wedding because Monifah didn’t ask her. KeKe then blurts out that Angie more than likely wasn’t asked due to Monifah feeling a certain way after the whole Angie-Syleena tour mishap. While Syleena remained quiet (since she thought it was an inappropriate time to talk such matters), KeKe continued to say that she wanted to get her feelings about the situation off her chest and tells Angie that her management team (aka boyfriend Ashanti) were wrong for writing off Syleena. Angie insists she didn’t know anything about Syleena being left out of the deal until after the fact, but KeKe responds that Angie’s team is her boyfriend who she lays with at night, so she doesn’t understand how she couldn’t have known. The move was shady on Angie’s part, she adds, and Angie in turn gets frustrated.

Not ready to take any disrespect from KeKe, Angie tries to end the conversation by explaining her side, but their talk turns into an argument that Angie walks away from. As Angie walks away, she’s met by Ashanti, who asks her what’s wrong. When Angie fill in Ashanti, Ashanti decides to join the conversation and address KeKe’s issue. As Ashanti talks, KeKe tells him that he’s being combative and they throw curse words at each other. Ashanti says he’s not going to get into anything with KeKe and calls KeKe’s husband, Michael, to come “get his woman.” Ashanti then talks to Syleena, who tries to end the fighting (as it is the night before the wedding) by saying the whole thing with Angie was a misunderstanding. Angie finally comes back in the conversation saying it was all a miscommunication and that she and Syleena got over it. Angie then talks to KeKe, saying they have to move past their quarrelling for Monifah’s big day.

The wedding is here! Finally the moment has arrived for the wedding and guests watch Terez walk down the aisle with her mom, followed by Monifah, who donned a custom black gown. The two exchange their vows tearfully. Terez and Monifah finish their ceremony without a hitch, and reveal that they’ve decided to take each other’s last name by hyphenating their names. At the reception, Monifah (who had a quick outfit change) is cuddled up with her new wife as KeKe laments on never having a wedding for herself. Angie agrees with KeKe that a courthouse ceremony takes away from the celebration a more traditional wedding provides and Syleena tells Michael that he should propose to KeKe again and give her a special day.

Moments later KeKe sings her new song, “You,” at the request of Monifah and dedicates it to the newlyweds. Next, Terez throws the bouquet, which Angie catches. Angie shows Ashanti her prize. The reception ends in dancing and celebration as the divas reflect on the event making them closer… for the moment.

What did you think of the R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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