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16 and Pregnant’s Izabella Tovar Is Expecting a Second Child! (PHOTO)

The ladies of 16 and Pregnant love nothing more than popping out love children, and the latest former reality star to preggo her eggo for round two? That would be Season 3's Izabella Tovar.

This glamorous gal gave birth to her first son Henry (formerly Enrique) on 16 and Pregnant, and announced her second pregnancy on Instagram by having him pose next to a sign that reads, “I’m so cute my parents are having another in November 2014.” Aww!

Izabella was reluctant to share the news with fans because she's "not interested in hearing the negative feedback from negative people," but after weeks of contemplation she happily announced "I AM PREGNANT!"

Credit: Izabella Tovar on Instagram    

So, who is Izabella's baby daddy? That would be Henry's father / Izabella's fiancé, Jairo Rodriguez. Turns out he and Izabella have been itching to get pregnant for a while now, and they’re fully prepared for this next chapter in their lives.

“I want to make clear that this pregnancy has been planned for years,” Izabella explained. “Ever since Henry was born Jairo and I decided that we wanted our kids to be 4-5 years apart."

Izabella says that she started having complications with her IUD in October 2013, and became pregnant in February 2014 after a few months of trying. This gal's about 5 months along, and looks forward to full support from fans.

“Sharing my pregnancy publicly is a new experience for me as you may know,” she explained. “I kept my first pregnancy a secret for 8 months. So I truly appreciate all the love and support I receive.”

Congrats on your forthcoming bundle of joy, Izabella!

Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup