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The Bachelorette

Bachelor 2015: Which of Andi Dorfman’s Guys Should Be Cast?

Let's face it: When it comes to the looks, brains, and hotness of her contestants, Andi Dorfman is totally #blessed. And just as ABC has given us 25 man-testants to drool over this season, they will soon be rounding up the troops and tequila to try their hand at casting another season of The Bachelor. First thing they need? A hot and willing lead, and we've got just the guys.

Marquel Martin

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Pros: The obvious choice back when he was eliminated on Episode 5, the 26-year-old from Vegas (via Rialto, CA) has charm for days and cookies for every meal. He is a sharp dresser, comes equipped with the perfect deadpan lines mixed in with amazing soundbites (Example: "Imma serenade the s—t outta her."), and he stands up for himself when it's time to.

Cons: He already did Bachelor in Paradise, meaning he probably already locked lips and maybe had words with quite a few folks. There's like nothing bad we can think of other than that...

Marcus Grodd

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Pros: In Andi's words, "Marcus is hottttttttt." Also, he is clearly emotionally available, since he said "I love you" to Andi after spending approximately 20 minutes (of air time, at least) with her.

Cons: Remember that time he said "I love you" to Andi after spending approximately 20 minutes with her? Stage 5, straight up. Also, he's 25. Also, he may or may not have taken himself out of the running thanks to his stint on Bachelor in Paradise. And speaking of that show, it sounds like he's in producers' pockets a little, which could actually be to his advantage if he wants the job...

JJ O'Brien

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Pros: Hilarious, super smart, and not so serious all the time... while still managing to have real talk with the best of them — for example, his declaration that it's weird everyone gets excited for rose-getters because, lest we forget, it's a competition. Also, hot. Really, really hot. 6-feet-5-inches of hot with a killer bod (check out his mirror selfies on Instagram), quirky style, and a superb smile plastered on his face ad nauseum.

Cons: Is too intelligent a thing? He seems to have treated his time on the show as part love quest, part case study, which is super Sharleen of him, but not exactly endearing to the fans who want someone who's all about love.

Josh Murray

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Pros: He smiles a lot and says smooth things like he really means them, which he probably does, girl. He's like Feminist Ryan Gosling come to life — minus the feminist Ryan Gosling part.

Cons: What kind of a job title is "former pro baseball player"? Also, his style. We just can't with the blousy, ill-fitting white shirts, shiny silver ties, purple button downs... We could go on. Also, just no.

Chris Soules

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Pros: Handsome, rich, just the right amount of aww shucks, great style, and a "go along with anything" attitude. The letter writing thing was kinda cute, but...

Cons: It feels like (spoiler!) we're being set up to like him, rather than forming any actual feelings for him. Then there's that no upper lip thing, but we can look past that one. It's really the fact that he seems so effing wholesome that makes us fear for another Sean Lowe sexless fest.

Which guy do you think would be best for the next Bachelor? Vote below, then hit the comments!

They should choose someone new.

I hope it's one of Andi's guys.