R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Reunion Show Part 1  — Here’s What Went Down!
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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Reunion Show Part 1 — Here’s What Went Down!

R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 brought the love and tons of drama and last night, Part 1 of the Season 3 reunion show, gave yet another dose of their reality magic. With radio-turned-talk show host Wendy Williams at the helm, none of the six divas — Angie Stone, KeKe Wyatt, LaTavia Roberson, Meelah Williams, Monifah, and Syleena Johnson — were safe from answering tough questions and dishing the dirt.

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Reunion Show Part 1:

1. LaTavia blames editing for her image. Talking about the new blood on the show, Wendy looks to LaTavia to see what she thought of her portrayal on the reality show. The newbie says she didn’t expect to see something different from the image she normally portrays, with Wendy asking the singer if she’s going to do the “typical reality TV thing” and blame editing for how she came off on camera. LaTavia stands by the idea that editing had a lot to do with how she was portrayed, but Wendy adds that she believes the cameras can’t edit what you don’t provide. Wendy asked LaTavia about her “over-dramatized” reluctance to sing and LaTavia said that she didn’t want to sing unless it was right. Moments later, Wendy asks LaTavia to sing and LaTavia once again says that she feels like people are pushing her to prove herself.

Wendy tells LaTavia that she should’ve expected it since she’s on a show called R&B Divas, and LaTavia says that when she signed on to do the show, “everybody” liked her story and the fact that she wasn’t in the head space to continue life as a professional singer. LaTavia goes on to discuss that she went through a depression stemming from her childhood abuse and her dismissal from Destiny’s Child just added fuel to the lingering pain and this was her basis for entering the show.

2. Meelah clears up the story with Faith Evans. Wendy gives Meelah a fan question that asks if her rumored affair with Faith Evans’s ex-husband, Todd Russaw, caused the end of their friendship. Meelah answers by saying there’s no beef between she and Faith, and that she never slept with Todd, who was her former manager and like family to her. Meelah went on to say that she and Faith are still friends, despite that fact that Faith (who executive produces the show) didn’t offer her a spot on R&B Divas Atlanta, but they’re still cool. When Wendy asks one last time to clarify the affair, Meelah says that she never slept with Todd, and furthermore if it doesn’t relate to 702, her music, or the reality TV show, she wants to keep it moving and not entertain silly stories.

3. KeKe is tired of being the crazy. Wendy addresses KeKe’s crazy behavior and notes that, in a recent interview, KeKe implied the fighting was staged. KeKe asserts that she didn’t say that, and Wendy plays back the audio clip where KeKe says during Monifah’s engagement party, she wasn’t the first person to start cursing on camera.

When Wendy asks KeKe to explain what she meant, KeKe turns it over to Mo, who clarifies that she and KeKe were in a bad place at that time. Mo adds that she was also in the midst of planning a wedding and was already overwhelmed with everything, so when KeKe started with her jokes, she wasn’t having it. Monifah’s wife, Terez, comes out and further explains that both she and Monifah love KeKe, but at that moment, anything could’ve set Monifah off and that’s what it was.

4. Monifah talks her daughter’s absence at the wedding. Wendy notes that Monifah was able to invite everyone to the wedding but Monifah’s daughter, who opted out of attending for religious reasons. Monifah says that she accepts her daughter’s point of view and beliefs and didn’t want to make it an issue on the show because she and her daughter are good with each other. They both love and respect one another and do not try to impose their lifestyles on each other, agreeing to disagree on Monifah’s same-sex marriage.

5. Angie talks about daughter Diamond’s resentment. Angie addresses the resentment her daughter, Diamond, has against her by explaining that she had Diamond at the age of 22 when she just made her first hit with the hip-hop group Sequence. It was then Angie’s dad took Diamond to live with Angie’s family in South Carolina.

Though Angie says that she was back and forth with her daughter, and retired her mother early to be a steady figure in her daughter’s upbringing, Diamond is still hurt over the years Angie wasn’t able to be more hands-on, stating that their relationship has seen its share of verbal and physical abuse.

When Wendy asks what’s next for Diamond, Angie says that her daughter wants to be in the music industry too, but Diamond is also a mom. KeKe interjects, saying it doesn’t make sense for Diamond to relive what she went through with her mother for her own children, but that’s when Angie drops the bomb that Diamond wants Angie to retire to help with the kids. All the divas (including Wendy) are shocked and say that it’s not fair, and Angie says that she’s not planning on retiring anytime soon, but she hopes that Diamond is ready for the hard life to come.

5. Meelah feels guilty. Meelah dishes about her struggles trying to raise her 5-year-old son, Zachariah, who is autistic. She notes that, while she’s very much uncomfortable not being around her son to give constant attention and therapy, she also can’t put her livelihood on hold and needs to jump back onto the scene to make a living because she doesn’t want her ex, Musiq Soulchild, taking care of them.

When Wendy asks if this is the reason Meelah and Musiq still live together, the former 702 frontman explains that even though they’ve since broken up, they are still friends and take care of their son together. Wendy wastes no time to ask if Meelah and Musiq still sleep in the same bed (and get frisky under the sheets), but Meelah avoids the question saying they sleep together when they want to, and regardless of if they’re still bumping pelvises or not, they’re in it for their son. She admits that some days she feels like getting back together, but other days she doesn’t and it’s all because they still genuinely care about it each other.

6. Funky Dineva gives commentary. Atlanta blogger Funky Dineva got his time to shine in a video commentary sent in for the divas in which he calls KeKe crazy, tells Meelah to leave KeKe alone and follow Syleena, and says Syleena that she’s such a hustler she’ll sing at a buffet or a truck stop. Monifah and Syleena say that if Funky Dineva is anything, he’s consistent, and KeKe takes the shade in stride, but throws her own saying Funky D wishes he could be in their seats.

7. Angie talks getting married to her boyfriend, Ashanti. Ashanti joins the stage and says that he and Angie are still romantically involved and living together. Angie says that she definitely wants to get married someday, but in lieu of everything going on with her family it’s difficult. Angie explains that Ashanti often thinks that her family tries to take advantage of her, and when she tries to put her foot down, he’s thought to be a gold digger. But, Angie adds, the truth of it all is that Ashanti was a manager before she even met him. When asked if Ashanti does want marry her, he remarks that he’s not scared of marriage, he doesn’t want to divorce her because of her family. Angie says she understands him, but he has to understand that her family will be there regardless and she wants him to marry her and deal with everything else later.

8. Wendy prods LaTavia to sing. After showing a clip featuring an array of KeKe’s crazy faces, Wendy asks KeKe to do a crazy face or one of her funny voices. When KeKe does it on cue, Wendy compliments her, and tells LaTavia that she needs to be like KeKe and perform when asked. Finally, LaTavia sings a bit of “Feeling Good,” and Wendy is obviously not impressed, saying that she heard LaTavia sing it on the show, but it’ll have to do.

9. Wendy gets to the bottom of “Tourgate.” Wendy recaps the scenario in which Syleena brought a tour to Angie. Angie said no, but ended up booking without Syleena. Ashanti and Angie try to clarify that Syleena’s sister and manager Syleecia brought to him wanted to pay out 50-50 for both Angie and Syleena on the tour. Ashanti said it wouldn’t be fair, so he told Syleecia no. This is when she jumps in to say that she did bring the overseas tour with Syleena to Angie’s management in order to promote their sisterhood, but there was a discrepancy over the money.

Angie then says there was never a discrepancy over the money — she made it clear that she would not do an overseas tour for less than $300,000, because her band would be joining. When Syleena says that she didn’t need Angie’s band, Angie responds by saying that they never used a separate band overseas, though Syleena claims they did.

As the ladies begin to talk over each other, Wendy shuts it down and gives Syleecia the floor. She says she completely understands Angie not wanting to settle for less, but the fact remains that she was interested in doing a tour with Syleena, then took the tour without Syleena attached. Angie says she didn’t remove Syleena from the lineup, but the agent Syleecia brought it to the table. After talking over the money Angie was to make on the tour, Angie says things got even messier when the booking company said they didn’t even know who Syleena was. Both Syleena and Syleecia are offended since they worked with the same company the year prior and Syleena is annoyed by Angie saying that she spoke with the agent since, during filming of the show, Angie claimed Ashanti handled all the business. The conversation about the tour controversy begins to heat up and, just when things get juicy, Wendy announces that’s all the time left and we’ll have to tune in next week for the conclusion.

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