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Brody Jenner: “Lauren Conrad and I Never Dated” — Faked It For The Hills

The Hills are still alive with the sound of the show's fakeness.

Kristin Cavallari has talked about the show's "fake relationships" and "fake fights," although Lauren Conrad previously told Allure the story that the show told "wasn't a dishonest one." She said she and Brody Jenner did date, although the length of their relationship was exaggerated by editing.

However, Brody just shared a different story in his new podcast, The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dow.

The conversation started with Mike listed some of Brody's ex-girlfriends, including Avril Lavigne, Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, and Nicole Richie. Brody interrupted to clarify: "That's false. Lauren Conrad and I never dated." He added, "Lauren and I have always been just friends. We worked together on a show called The Hills where we had to pretend like we were dating but we never dated."

Well, he did previously call it a "friendmance."

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Brody did say his relationship with Kristin Cavallari was real — just not when they were on The Hills.

"I dated Kristin when we were very young … when she was on Laguna Beach and I was on a show called Princes of Malibu with Spencer Pratt … we met at a party in Hollywood … but during [The Hills] when we filmed, Kristin and I did not date, we were not hooking up."

For the record, Brody is currently dating Kaitlynn Carter and Lauren is engaged to William Tell, so this is all so far in the past it's like it never happened. (And he's basically saying it didn't, so...)

Are you surprised by these Brody revelations? Would you have been more surprised if they were shared a few years ago, when The Hills was still airing, or would you have shrugged even then?

Source: Us Weekly