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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 11, “Round and Round We Go”

Things are really starting to heat up as we wind down on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3. In last night’s episode, “Round and Round We Go,” Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame make a huge decision that puts their family on edge, and Joseline Hernandez gives husband Stevie J. a new ultimatum. Lil Scrappy’s sit down with Erica Pinkett goes left, and Kalenna Harper tries to get down to business.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Kalenna’s all fun and no work. Kalenna’s friend with benefits, Ashley, is in town, and the distraction is starting to get to Kalenna. Ashley is growing possessive with her friend’s time, even taking her phone away at the strip club so calls from Kalenna’s husband, Tony, go unanswered. Kalenna’s having tons of fun, but she’s starting to grow tired of Ashley’s over-the-top partying, and when Kalenna expresses this to her bestie, Ashley goes on the defense saying Kalenna’s spent enough time cutting records for Rasheeda Frost and working with Tony. Kalenna then tells her friend that she has to work, and after having a conversation with her husband about finally being ready to buckle down, she leaves Ashley at the stripclub.

2. Lil Scrappy tries to break things off with Erica P. Lil Scrappy called Pinky over to shut down his friendship with her in order to continue making amends with Bambi. Erica P. confronts Scrappy about his previous flirtatious text messages and love confessions. Scrappy tells Pinky that he was “in his feelings” when he sent Erica those messages, and they know at the end of the day, Erica P. is crazy. Scrappy denies he ever wanted to be with her, saying her past situations are causing her to act up. Their conversation goes sideways and as the two hurl insults at one another, Erica P. throws her drink at Scrappy. The cameras cut, and when they return both Pinky and Scrappy are being held back by security. Scrappy is escorted out of the establishment as Erica P. yells that Scrappy’s upset he never got to sleep with her.

3. Joseline puts Stevie J. in the dog house. Joseline and Stevie have been sleeping apart since she learned of his fling with Althea Heart. Stevie continues to deny he ever slept with Althea, but Joseline doesn’t believe him. Joseline tells Stevie she’s not mad at Althea for sleeping with Stevie because she slept with Stevie for the same reason — to have a better situation for herself. She then tells him he needs to change his ways and stop playing games otherwise she’s leaving him, Atlanta, and moving far, far away. Stevie tells Joseline she’s not going anywhere, but Joseline tells him she’s definitely not OK with his behavior.

4. Waka gets an answer from Tammy. Tammy finally launches her fashion line, T Rivera, in Atlanta, and fiancé Waka leaves the road to show his support. At the launch, Tammy thanks her family and Waka for being her rock, and during the festivities, she steals him away so they can talk in private. Tammy tells Waka she’s been thinking over his proposition, and she’s down for the couple eloping. Waka is elated that they’re going to the courthouse to get married, even though they both know their respective families aren’t going to be too happy when the truth is revealed.

Tammy and Waka go to the courthouse, and after the deed is done, call their mothers to break the news. Tammy’s mom tells the couple she’s happy for them, but upset she wasn’t there. Waka’s mom, Deb Antney, feels disappointed they got married so soon after the death of Waka’s brother, KayO Redd, but she’s happy the two were responsible enough to take their love into their own hands.

5. Momma Dee makes peace with Erica Pinkett. Momma Dee learns of Scrappy’s encounter with Erica Pinkett and decides to make peace with her over the incident. Erica P. tells Momma Dee she’s upset Scrappy won’t take responsibility for all the things he said to her, and went on an anger-fuel rage at the bar, calling her a “bum bitch.” Erica P. gets emotional, saying Scrap should know better since he’s aware of her abusive relationships in the past. Momma Dee is sympathetic to Pinky, who tells her she still sees potential for Scrap to be a great man — just not at the moment. She also tells Momma Dee she’s upset Scrappy would ever let their friendship dissolve so turbulently over Bambi when he promised he’d never treat her the way men have treated her in the past. Momma Dee apologizes to Erica P. on Scrappy’s behalf and promises she will deal with her son in the near future.

6. Joseline decides to take a break from Stevie. Joseline meets with Karlie Redd for lunch and tells her about Stevie’s denial of his fling with Althea. Karlie is shocked Stevie would continue to lie about it, but Joseline says she’s not worried. Furthermore, Joseline tells Karlie she’s not going to be worry about Stevie or Althea because she’s going away for a while to see other people. She adds she’s pretty close to moving out of Stevie’s mansion and getting her own place for good — and she’s also going to deal with Althea soon.

7. Kalenna tells Ashley to pack up. Kalenna tries to break the news to Ashley that she has to go. At dinner, Kalenna tells her best friend she enjoys when she comes to visit, but she needs to focus on her music and her marriage. When Ashley asks Kalenna if she loves her, Kalenna says yes, but that she loves her husband more. This makes Ashley emotional, and Kalenna breaks the news to Ashley that their side affair has to stop. Kalenna tells Ashley that she needs her, but they can’t be sexual anymore for the sake of Kalenna trying to get her life on track to move her son back home with his family. Ashley tells her she understands and will never stop being Kalenna’s friend.

8. Benzino pops the question. Benzino takes Althea to the Skyview in Atlanta and tells her she’s been by his side through thick and thin. Althea tells Zino she’s happy that he’s happy and she’s never leaving his side. Benzino then tells Althea their pasts are behind them and that he’s finally ready to make an honest woman out of her. Getting down on one knee (in their Skyview chamber), Benzino asks Althea to be his wife and she says yes.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 11, “Round and Round We Go”? Tell us now in the comments below!