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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014’s Brian Osborne Wants Who to Win Andi Dorfman’s Heart?

Andi Dorfman may still have three men left to choose from on The Bachelorette, but fifth place finisher Brian Osborne says there’s one clear winner amongst her remaining suitors. And although we’ve Internet stalked them all to no end, we have to admit Coach’s almost two months spent in close quarters with the boys does make him a slightly better judge of character than us. So who does he want for the Dorf?

Credit: Matthew Putney/ABC Television Group    

Next week, Andi is taking Josh Murray, Nick Viall, and Chris Soules to the Dominican Republic for Fantasy Suite dates, and Brian is hoping farmer Chris will emerge from those overnight canoodle sessions one step closer to canoodling Andi forever.“My favorite is Chris,” he tells “He’s a stand-up gentleman guy. If my sister wants to date him, I would let her. He’s just that kind of guy.” Not that Brian’s sister needs his permission to date anyone, but overprotective brother syndrome aside, we’d still call that a glowing recommendation.

The b-ball coach admits he’s also super close with Dylan Petitt, but since the Dyls got the boot the same episode as Brian, he’s clearly out of the running. Of the other two contenders, the Pennsylvania native only says “Nick is still a good friend of mine.” He doesn’t touch the subject of Josh. Hmm.

So, there you have it. When it comes down to three seconds left on the shot clock and one guy left for Brian to hand the ball off to, he’s benching everyone but Chris.

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