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The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus: If They Kill Daryl Off The Walking Dead I’ll Set My Trailer on Fire

Hardcore Daryl Dixon fans have threatened/promised to riot if the character is killed off The Walking Dead, but Norman Reedus has his own exit strategy.

Last night, AMC aired the first of its two TWD documentaries, Inside The Walking Dead, with details on how the sausage is made.

At one point, during the hour, they delved into what it’s like for the cast members who are killed off the show. Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) said some beautiful things about it being a family, not a job, and even though it hurts to be gone, she can smile and be grateful because it happened. She has those memories. They also showed part of the Season 2 send-off for young Madison Lintz, who played Sophia, and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd marveled at how Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Dale, flew down to Georgia from upstate New York just to say goodbye to Jon Bernthal, when it was Shane’s time to go.

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That kind of devotion is rare. But Norman doesn’t want to be its beneficiary anytime soon. No one wants to leave a gig this great, and Norman joked (we think) during the doc, "If they kill me on the show I'll probably, like, set my trailer on fire. They'll probably have to call in a bunch of cops to escort me off the property 'cause I'll be so pissed."

If they don’t have to call the cops for Norman, they’ll have to call the cops for his fans, who may start World War III just from their own rioting.

Part of Inside The Walking Dead covered the passionate fanbase, and #TWDFamily tying us all together, but most of it covered the fascinating technical process of the show. For those of us who can barely draw stick figures, it’s astounding to see the creativity and talent that goes into crafting the walkers and rigging them for stunt “gags” on the show. Bravo to everyone who works to create the magic behind the curtain. Keep it up! And tell Robert Kirkman to stop even joking about killing Daryl in Season 5. People get touchy about these things…

Watch the second documentary, Inside The Walking Dead: Walker University, on July 15 at 10 p.m. ET.