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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s Rumored BF French Montana Shares Sexy Bedroom Pic

We know Khloe Kardashian hasn’t overtly come out to clarify whether she and French Montana are an item, but since we have eyes that work and basic reasoning skills, we think it’s pretty safe to say the reality star and Moroccan rapper have a thing going on. Also, we’re pretty sure Khloe’s the owner of this magnificent butt, which is lying on French’s four poster bed in a recent Instagram pic classily hashtagged “#asssscap”.

Credit: French Montana on Instagram    

Look, we’re not butt experts or anything — there’s no PhD program in butt identification... yet — but we’ve seen enough pics of Khloe flexing that thang at the gym to know with like 95 percent certainty that this is her booty. There’s also a 5 percent chance it’s Kim’s — in which case French better hide before Kanye West sees this!

Add this to paparazzi pics of these two all over each other on Khloe’s 30th birthday party in the Hamptons, plus the rumors they were seen hooking up at the airport in a Sprinter van, and we feel like it’s not a stretch to say these two are more than just “homies,” as Kris Jenner put it.

But hey, no need to DTR, you guys! We get it — you both had long term relationships end not that long ago and might want to take it slower with... whatever you’re calling this thing.

Source: French Montana on Instagram