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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison #TBT — See What the Bachelor Host Looked Like in the ‘90s!

Chris Harrison may have his own clothing line now, but back in the mid ‘90s, we’re betting no one was lining up to let the host with the mostest roses dress them up in his love. Because, just, wow. In honor of #tbt (that’s Throwback Thursday for you Internet newbs), our favorite relationship counselor posted a photo of himself from last century and it is a beaut!

Holy plaid sport jacket batman! Um, 1990 called and it wants its everything back. The photo is obvs from way back before Chris nabbed the role as master of rose ceremonies, since he’s interviewing a basketball coach in the photo. We’re betting the subject of the coach’s romantic life wasn’t a topic of convo.

Chris captioned the pic "took a long time to become an overnight sensation."

Credit: Chris on Instagram    

The photo is circa his days as a sports reporter for CBS affiliate KWTV in Oklahoma City — he worked there from 1993-1999, long before he became Andi Dorfman’s new BFF and shoulder to cry on. Also apparently long before he was able to grow facial hair.

Chris made the leap into hosting when he auditioned for a horseracing network (what the what?) back in 1999. He landed a job later that year as host of HGTV’s Designer’s Challenge, which eventually put him in the running for The Bachelor. He now has the best job known to man and, thankfully, his style has improved with his success.

We kid, but the photo of a squeaky clean and younger Chris is kind of adorbs.

Tell us what you think of 90s Chris in the comments. Can you even believe it’s him?

Source: Chris on Twitter