Credit: Juan Pablo on Twitter    
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Tweets About Missing Nikki Ferrell — Trouble in Paradise?

Believe it or not, Season 18’s Juan Pablo Galavis and winner Nikki Ferrell have become one of our favorite Bachelor couples. Sure, we get that viewers were a bit ticked that JPG didn’t propose to Nikki in the finale — instead telling her he “liked her a lot” — but really, that’s a more realistic approach to relationships than getting on bended knee and dropping the L-bomb after having known someone for only two months. Just saying.

So we were a little concerned when Juan Pabs made a Twitter comment that could be interpreted as trouble in paradise. The soccer player posted a photo of an empty bench

with the caption “Wish BOTH of us were sitting HERE @nikki_ferrell…”

Before Robin Thicke took breakups to a whole new level by dedicating an entire album to getting estranged wife Paula back, we would have assumed JPG’s post was just a sweet “I miss you” love note to Nikki. Nowadays, we don’t know what to think. Is it possible they broke up and this is Juanny’s way of trying to publicly woo Nikki back?

Credit: Juan Pablo on Twitter    

Hmmm, maybe. But, whew, maybe not. A ways down in the comments section, Nikki replied and set our hearts at ease. “ME TOO,” she tweets.

Juan Pabs lives in Miami, while Nikki maintains a home in Kansas City, and the two have maintained a sweet long-distance relationship, regularly posting adorable photos of themselves together on Twitter and Instagram. If the Bachelor wants Nikki to fill his empty bench, maybe a move is in order?

What do you think of Juan’s photo? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter