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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 12, “Release Day”

The day we’ve been waiting for finally arrived on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 12: “Release Day.” In last night’s episode, Mimi Faust’s sex tape with boyfriend Nikko London finally drops to the dislike of many, Karlie Redd comes face-to-face with Benzino’s new girl, Althea Heart, at Kirk Frost’s apology party for wife Rasheeda Frost, and Lil Scrappy finally takes responsibility for his actions with Erica Pinkett.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Mimi shelters Eva from the sex tape. It’s the day before Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape hits the web, and Mimi decides to take her daughter, Eva, to her dad Stevie J.'s house. Mimi knows that there will be some backlash, but says someday she’s going to explain to her daughter that she sold the tape in order to make sure she could take care of her on her own. When Eva gets to her dad’s house, Stevie J. has a castle-shaped bouncy house ready for her to give Eva as much love and adoration that she can possibly get in the wake of her mother’s scandalous video.

2. Kirk actually throws an apology party. After thinking the idea completely absurd, Kirk decides to throw Rasheeda an apology party as his mother-in-law, Shirleen, suggested to prove that he was sorry for all the wrongs he’s done to his wife. At the party, Kirk has friend Bobby Valentino, aka Bobby V, sing a little ditty for Rasheeda, as guest chow down on some BBQ. In the middle of the party, Kirk steps forward to formally apologize to his wife, and enlists the help of Bobby V and Zino, who were also present during Kirk’s hot tub rendezvous during Season 2. To bring it all home, Kirk gives Rasheeda a brand new drop-top convertible car. He also replaces Shirleen’s Chanel glasses, which he snapped in half in an earlier episode.

3. Momma Dee puts Scrappy in his place. After speaking with Erica Pinkett, Momma Dee calls her son over to speak with him. Momma Dee tells Scrappy she’s not happy with his behavior with Pinky, and Scrappy tells his mother that it wasn’t her place to speak with Pinky. Momma Dee says that it was definitely her place since Pinky was upset on account of her son’s behavior toward a woman. Scrappy gives his side of the story, saying he was especially angry at Pinkett’s words but he admits he was wrong for getting as angry as he did. Momma Dee tells Scrappy he needs to make up for what he did, and she lets him know she’ll be calling the two together for a sit down.

4. Althea tries to make amends with Karlie. Back at the apology party, Benzino brings Althea to Karlie and Erica Dixon so Thi Thi can apologize. Immediately, Thi Thi apologizes to Erica D., saying she was wrong to throw her drink at her. Karlie tells Althea she deserves an apology too, and Althea tells Karlie she really shouldn’t have to apologize since the reason she became upset was because of some words Karlie and Erica had for her. Erica D. says she had no reason to “pop off” at Althea, and if she really did “pop off” she would’ve taken the altercation all the way. Althea starts to get heated all over again and Benzino tries to remove her from the party. Althea tells Erica she doesn’t want to get into another altercation, and that they should just say sorry to each other and keep it moving. Erica D. says she’s not apologizing for anything, and Althea gets fired up, saying she’s going to leave out of respect for Rasheeda. As she’s leaving, Althea tells Karlie the whole fiasco was her fault because as an ex-girlfriend, she had no business being at the Sleazy & Zino grand opening. Karlie tells Althea she’s going to be nice and not spill the dirt she has on her for the sake of Rasheeda’s party, but Althea tells her she’s got nothing and essentially calls her bitter for not having Benzino.

5. Erica P. gives Scrappy teary-eyed apology. Pinky comes over to Momma Dee’s place and Scrappy shows up to listen to what Pinky has to say. Erica Pinkett says she’s sorry she hurt Scrappy’s feelings, but she was hurt because the rapper wasn’t owning up to any of the things he said to her. Pinky goes on to say she knows Lil Scrappy is a good guy, and appreciates their friendship and just wants her friend back. Scrappy finally takes responsibility for crossing the line numerous times with Pinkett without meaning any of it, and tells her he’s sorry for what he put her through.

6. Joseline Hernandez walks out on Stevie. Joseline makes a phone call to her homegirl K. Michelle in New York and gives her the lowdown on all of Stevie’s messiness including the women in his phone and the revelation that he had a fling with Althea. Kay gives Joseline the OK to come visit her in NY, and Joseline packs her bags to leave. Stevie sees Joseline leaving and tries to stop her, but Joseline tells her husband that she needs a break from him and his shenanigans. Stevie insists he didn’t have sex with Althea, but Joseline doesn’t believe him and tells him that she thinks Stevie hates her because of the stress he puts her through. Stevie tells Joseline that he loves her, but Joseline rips up the Hip Hop Weekly cover announcing their marriage and drives away from Stevie.

7. Joseline and K. Michelle watch Mimi’s sex tape. Joseline is in New York and meets up with K. Michelle at the studio where she’s working on new music. Joseline tells K. Michelle about Althea and Benzino being engaged, Althea sleeping with Stevie J., and Mimi’s sex tape. Kay says she’s heard about the tape, but Joseline does one better and plays the tape in the studio for K. Michelle to watch. The two watch while giving their own brand of commentary, and both K. Michelle and Joseline agree that Mimi’s tape wasn’t lost, but a well-produced porno. K. Michelle tells Joseline that she warned Mimi about Nikko, but Mimi threw their friendship in the garbage over him.

8. Erica Dixon is disgusted with Mimi. Mimi’s friend, Ariane Davis, visits Erica D.’s house to watch Mimi’s sex tape. The two women start watching the tape, and Ariane is at a loss for words. Erica is disgusted and shuts the video off. Erica tells Ariane that wasn’t a homemade video, but a professional tape she made. Erica then gets emotional, saying that Mimi was beyond selfish for making a sex tape knowing that Mimi’s daughter, Eva, will have to deal with her mother’s actions in the future. Erica D. then tells Ariane to speak with Mimi before she does because she will crush Mimi’s feelings.

9. Mimi and Nikko’s tape is questioned. There’s nationwide backlash against Mimi and Nikko in wake of the release of their sex tape, with other reality stars making comments and trying to perfect Mimi’s shower rod moves. Mimi and Nikko do their first interview with VladTV and DJ Vlad asks the couple why they decided to do a sex tape. Nikko and Mimi say they make tapes of themselves all the time, and that it wasn’t a porno, but a tape of the two making love that was leaked. When DJ Vlad asks the couple who was the cameraman in the video, they both say there wasn’t a third person filming, but just Nikko using a tripod or his hand to film. However, DJ Vlad shows the couple the video, and notes the different camera angles and positions in the film, while all four hands are still present in the film. The couple insist there was no third person, but DJ Vlad doesn’t seem convinced.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 12, “Release Day”? Tell us in the comments below!