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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 6 – Death By Scarf

Alison may be ready to leave town in this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, but the Liars aren’t willing to let her go, and neither is “A”. The villain(ess) tops last week’s bombing of Toby’s house with an attempt on Ali’s life. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Tanner is starting to pick apart the Liars’ lies, Eddie Lamb reveals an important Radley secret, and Hanna needs a hug. What else went down in Season 5, Episode 6 (“Run, Ali, Run”)? Read on for our full recap!

Wherein Emily Proves Books Are Better Than E-Readers. If we had someone out to kill us, we’d definitely want Emily on our side. She spends the entire episode fearlessly hunting down any and all people who may be a threat to Ali’s safety. This includes convincing Paige to rat out Mona’s Army and, when “A” nearly strangles Ali in her own home with her own scarf, fighting the villainess off with a well-placed tome to the head. And did we mention Emily also spent a sleepless night watching over Ali as she slept? That sounds Cullen-esque creepy, but it is actually pretty sweet. Because Emily is the best.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

Wherein Ali Gets The Snapchat From Hell. In the aftermath of the Cavanaugh home explosion and “A’s” re-emergence on the scene, Ali is ready to skip town, but the Liars (save Hanna) aren’t having it. A video Snapchat from “A” featuring Mrs. DiLaurentis’ lifeless body only convinces the Liars that Ali is safer in Rosewood where they can protect her. We suppose this point is confirmed when Emily saves Ali from death-by-scarf, but is only accepted by Ali when she gets a threatening text from “A”: “If you leave Rosewood, I will [kill you].” Sorry, Noel Kahn. Looks like you’re going to have to hang out in New Jersey by yourself for awhile.

Wherein Spencer Fails At Matchmaking. We finally found something Spencer isn’t any good at: matchmaking! To be fair, the couple in question — her parents — have a few decades of lying under their belts and are rarely seen in the same room together. Even a heartfelt chat in which Mr. Hastings explains to Mrs. Hastings that he didn’t kill their next door neighbor can’t save this marriage. Though it may have come as a surprise to Spencer, we have a feeling this separation may be a Jason’s age-length in the making.

Wherein Aria Finally Takes An Interest in the “A” Game. Aria has rarely been the Liars’ top gun when it comes to hunting down “A” — at times, it felt as if she were on a completely different show — but the fear that “A” will expose Aria’s part in Shana’s murder coupled with the promise of an Ezria date night seem to have finally done the trick. Aria is investigating! She and Ezra are looking for a potential link between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Bethany Young, the girl found in Ali’s grave. It is Radley Nurse Eddie Lamb who finally gives it to them, delivering a creepy drawing Bethany drew of Mrs. D. to Ezra’s doorstep. The episode ends with Aria going undercover as a volunteer at Radley to find out more. Be sure to check all the board games for clues, Aria!

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

Wherein Hanna Is the Odd-Liar Out. Hanna continues to struggle this week, blowing off Travis as she processes Caleb’s return (and haircut) and going behind the other Liars’ backs to help Ali plan her departure. When Emily finds out about the latter, she is furious and doesn’t invite Hanna to the next Team Liar meeting. Harshness. Emily isn’t the only person turning their back on Hanna. Upon realizing that Caleb’s return to Rosewood is one of the chief reasons for Hanna’s distraction (and alcohol abuse), Travis breaks up with Hanna. He likes Hanna too much for her to be half-committed to their relationship, OK? Meanwhile, in Halebland, Caleb is still keeping secrets about what went down in Ravenswood. Or maybe he’s just confused? We watched the show, and we’re still not sure what happened.


— We’re still not sure why “A” targeted Toby’s house, but we’re glad we’re not the only ones asking that question. Caleb pointed out to Hanna that “A” doesn’t miss. So why is the Cavanaugh house so important?

— Mr. Hastings admitted to Spencer that he and Melissa “drove to the lake to talk” the night of Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder. Do we believe him? If so, what were they doing there? Discussing Wilden’s murder, perhaps? Disposing of someone else’s body? With this show, the possibilities are endless.

— “A’s” Snapchat read: “I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you.” This means that “A” was there that night, but was “A” the person Ali remembers Mrs. DiLaurentis talking to?

— Though “A” tried to kill Ali this episode, she now wants her to stay in Rosewood? What is “A” planning to do to Alison? What could be worse than death?

— Why didn’t Eddie Lamb leave Bethany’s drawing for Spencer? Is it because her family is involved with whatever secret Radley is trying to hide? Are these the lies Mrs. Hastings was talking about when explaining the Hastings’ separation to Spencer?

— Was that the Black Widow sending Bethany’s parents flowers in the epilogue? Is she “A”?

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

Other Things That Need To Be Discussed

We were questioning Ali’s stewardess-esque fashion choices before “A” used Ali’s scarf to strangle her near to death. Talk about an accessory to murder! (And don’t even get us started on Spencer’s apron.)

— Bromance alert! Did you catch the multiple references to Toby and Caleb hanging out because we certainly did. And we’re considering never forgiving the PLL writers for not giving us at least one Toby/Caleb scene. Also, is Caleb living in a hunting lodge now? For a quasi-homeless kid, he always seems to find some nice digs.

— Kudos to Spencer for calling Aria out on the continued creepiness of her relationship with Ezra: “That doesn’t change the fact that he deceived you for years,” she tells Aria, who uses Ezra’s gunshot wound as evidence of his vindication.

— Quote of the night goes to Caleb for his exasperation over the Rosewood P.D.: “The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.”

— That being said, Lieutenant Tanner seems to finally be putting the pieces together. She suspects that Shana shot Ezra. She knows that Ali and Shana were childhood besties. And she seems to realize that Ali (and the Liars) weren’t in Philadelphia that night. Any guesses on how many episodes before this lie falls apart?

— We kind of don’t blame Hanna for wanting Alison to leave town. We wish Emily wouldn’t either. Everything is wrong when Hemily is in a fight.

— What is Noel Kahn doing in New Jersey? Doesn’t this kid go to school?

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