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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16’s Lindzi Cox Goes Bleach Blonde — See Her Before and After! (PHOTO)

The Bachelor Season 16’s Lindzi Cox has gone through more than a few hair transformations before our eyes — from sorta dirty blonde, to pretty decidedly brown, to brown with loads of highlights, to basically blonde but still kind of on the fence about it thanks to some brown poking through — but now girlfriend has committed to going all-out blonde ambition with a capital B. Lindz posted a pic of her hair transformation on Twitter and there’s no mistaking this hair color — it’s buh-londe!

Though she doesn’t give us a front view of her pretty face, we’re sure she looks amazing with this new do. She captioned her back of the head selfie simply, “Gone blonde” with what appears to be a raise the roof icon next to it?

Credit: Lindzi on Twitter    

Whatever the emoji is trying to emote, we kinda love the transformation. Lindzi’s personality has always been so sun-kissed, she needs the hair to match. And her new super light mane is just in time for sunny summer weather.

So when do we get a front shot, Lindzi? We’re so excited to see the lighter you!

What do you think of Lindzi’s new color? Love it or leave it? And which Lindzi do you prefer — dirty blonde, brunette, or golden girl?