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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Breastfeeds During a Public Meet-and-Greet with Fans! (PHOTO)

When Kailyn Lowry isn’t flying all over the USA to do book signings for her new memoir, Pride Over Pity, she’s giving back to the community by supporting the charity, The LinkFund. What’s more, she almost always brings her sidekick, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, with her!

Credit: Kelliann on Twitter    

Lil' Linc is eight months old, but he's attached to his mommy 24/7. Actually, he's attached to her lovely lady lumps...

Kailyn's 100 percent committed to breastfeeding Lincoln until his first birthday, and the little dude has to eat — even when his mom's greeting fans! That’s right, Kailyn has no problem whipping out her assets and nursing her kiddo during a meet n’ greet, and even posed for photos while breastfeeding during a recent trip to Michigan for the Mom2Mom sale.

Check out this picture of Kailyn and her hunky husband, Javi Marroquin, posing with two supporters. See Lincoln perched on his mommy's lap? You might think he's just chilling out, but if you look closely this little guy is having a mid-afternoon snack!

Considering that public breastfeeding is still taboo in many corners of the country, we applaud Kailyn for putting her son's nutritional needs above what could have been an awkward situation. Way to set an amazing example for fellow nursing moms!

Are you impressed by Kailyn's continued commitment to the breastfeeding cause? Let us know below!