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Kendra Wilkinson to Televise Hank Baskett Troubles — Report (VIDEO)

Are Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett the new Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott? They look to be taking a dog-eared page out of that reality TV couple’s playbook with rumors circulating Kendra and Hank will air their marital strife on air.

Tori and Dean, you’ll recall, used a similar strategy after Dean’s infidelity surfaced; you can watch that whole sodden series of shenanigans play out in the couple’s Lifetime series, True Tori. Kendra and Hank already have a show together, WE tv’s Kendra on Top, and we’re hearing the next installment of the series will cover the pair’s relationship problems.

WE tv hasn’t confirmed or denied the suspicion with a spokesperson telling E! Online, “We are currently in production on Season Three, which will premiere in the fall. We have always followed and will continue to follow the reality of Kendra.”

Unfortunately, “the reality of Kendra” currently means battling gossip her husband of five years cheated on her while she was expecting the couple’s second child. How much of that struggle will make it to air? A source tells E! expect to see everything, “warts and all.”

“Production had already been filming Kendra before the scandal broke, so you’re really going to see her reaction to everything from the ground up. Nothing about it is inauthentic,” the source adds. “The cameras have been there through it all. It’s been devastating.”

Kendra will at least get something out of the footage: cold hard cash. Learn more about that by watching the video above.

Source: E! Online