Credit: Ali on Instagram    
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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky Dyes Her Hair Bright Green — See the Bold New Look! (PHOTO)

Um, did someone forget to tell us that St. Patrick’s Day comes twice this year? Because we can totally get behind the idea of celebrating the national drinking holiday more than once, but a little heads up would have been nice — it takes time to hunt down a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt! Wait, that’s not what’s going on? Hmmm, then someone needs to alert Ali Fedotowsky!

The Season 6 Bachelorette posted a photo of her new ‘do to Instagram this weekend with the caption, “Today - I'm feeling green #GreenHair.” The change is pretty subtle but noticeable — the E! correspondent left the majority of her coif the sun-kissed blonde we’re accustomed to and just colored the tips of her bob in a shade we like to call soylent green.

Credit: Ali on Instagram    

But that wasn’t her first foray into fun with colors: two days prior, she posted a selfie with pink tips, captioning it “I also like to match my hair to my sunglasses.” Um, good for her. We have a hard enough time matching our socks, which is why Ali is just straight up #winning.

But her color quest didn’t end with her hair. Today our gal posted yet another photo of herself with the caption “Today - I'm feeling GOLD!” Another hair change so soon? Nope, she’s getting a 24-karat-gold facial. Who — other than peeps with the last name Kardashian or Hilton — knew that was a thing?

Since we’re sorta starting to sense a theme, let’s take bets on what we can expect tomorrow. Yellow nails? Blue lipstick? Avatar body paint? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, so we’ll just keep checking back to see what color of the rainbow is going to make its debut somewhere on Ali’s body next.

What do you think of the green hair? Love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Ali on Instagram