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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 13, “Life Happens”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 13: “Life Happens” continued to turn up the heat when Benzino puts Mimi Faust on the cover of his magazine, in which Joseline Hernandez was featured. As Stevie J. tries to hold the fort down with the two women in his life, Lil Scrappy attempts to make amends with Bambi, and Kalenna Harper learns some life-changing news.

So, what were our 8 WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Mimi feels the backlash of her sex tape. Mimi is freaking out as the release of her sex tape has given her nationwide stardom. Nikko is reveling in the fact that the couple are trending on Twitter, but takes time to notice all the hate that they’re receiving — specifically from Joseline. After reading Joseline’s comments about their sex tape, Nikko and Mimi come to the conclusion that both Joseline and Stevie are just mad at their success. And while Mimi admits she’s sometimes unsure of her her future with Nikko, she also says through it all, he’s been there for her and she appreciates that.

2. Kalenna drops a bomb on Rasheeda Frost. Rasheeda and Kalenna are back in the studio working on their solo and joint projects. When Rasheeda asks Kalenna to give her an update on how everything is going, Kalenna tells Rasheeda about her friend with benefits, Ashley, coming into town and essentially distracting her from what she needs to do. Kalenna tells Rasheeda she asked Ashley to go back home so that she and her husband can work on getting their business together. That’s when Kalenna drops the bomb on Rasheeda that she’s pregnant, and while she’s happy for the little blessing, she’s stressed out… since her hubby, Tony, didn’t take her first pregnancy well.

Much later, Kalenna reveals to Tony that she is pregnant when the couple call in an expert to see about a growing mold infestation in their home. Despite being a little shocked by the news, Tony vows to take care of his wife and do whatever he has to to make sure that she’s taken care of.

3. Stevie J. tries to win Joseline back. Upon her return from New York, Joseline hits the gym to get her workout on and decompress over Stevie’s fling with Benzino’s fianceé, Althea Heart. Stevie meets Joseline at the gym and the two argue over Stevie’s refusal to admit that he had sex with Althea. Joseline tells Stevie to leave her alone, and even tells him she hopes that he’s being safe with the women he’s “hanging” with, otherwise he’ll be in big trouble if he brings her back a disease. When Stevie continues to deny sleeping with Althea, Joseline throws her drink at him before driving off.

4. Benzino talks business with Stevie. Benzino meets with Stevie, who tells him that Joseline is still upset over the Althea situation. Benzino tells Stevie it’s time that they move on from the negative and on to the positive, but he also secretly wants Stevie to fess up to sleeping with Althea since Althea openly admitted that it happened. Moving on, Benzino brings up Mimi’s sex tape, saying they have to take advantage of Mimi’s sex tape scandal. Stevie isn’t for it, even though he knows that it’ll bring the magazine money. Benzino tells Stevie to take some time and think about it, but warns him to not wait too long.

5. Lil Scrappy brings the romance for Bambi. Scrappy takes Bambi to the woods for a secluded picnic. Bambi is taken aback at first, but appreciates the romantic gesture. Under the guise of asking Bambi to make a sandwich, Scrappy gets Bambi to go into the picnic basket, which is housing a ring box. When Bambi opens the box, she sees a beautiful ring in it and asks Scrappy what does it mean. Scrappy tells her that it means he promises to be her friend, and to have her back and that he really does love her. Bambi is amazed by it all, and the couple enjoy the rest of their picnic.

Later on, Scrappy tells her mother, Momma Dee, that he presented Bambi with a promise ring and his mother declares she will not have another one in her palace to de-throne her. Scrappy tells Momma Dee no one will take her throne away, but that Bambi is his woman and that Momma Dee needs to stop meddling. Momma Dee agrees and then asks for the scooter Scrappy promised her.

6. Benzino wants Mimi on Hip Hop Weekly. Benzino calls Mimi (who brings Dawn with her) to a meeting about putting the rising sex tape star on the cover of his magazine, Hip Hop Weekly. Mimi, no longer plagued by the shame of her tape, demands $10,000 from Benzino to do the cover. Benzino tells Mimi that they don’t pay people to get on the cover, and quite frankly he doesn’t have to have her permission to do so. Mimi then tells Benzino that if he plans on making her the cover without paying her, she will sue. When Benzino tells Mimi that she’s leaving him no choice, Mimi tells him to speak with her lawyer.

7. Mimi feels the heat from her friends. In the midst of the sex tape scandal, Mimi learns her father had a stroke. As she prepares to head to New York, Erica Dixon stops by to tell Mimi her feelings on the sex tape. Erica D. tells Mimi she’s disgusted by the video, believes that it was professionally produced, and says Mimi is being self-absorbed. Mimi tells Erica it’s not the right time since she’s not sure if her dad’s going to make it. Erica tells Mimi she’s sorry about her father and she’ll put all her feelings aside for the sake of her friend.

On her return back from New York, Mimi calls a meeting with her gals, Erica D., Rasheeda, and Ariane Davis, to let them all air out their grievances with her flick. All three women agree Mimi’s tape looks professionally produced, but Mimi asserts them it’s all camera trickery to make it look fancy. Rasheeda then asks about Nikko’s feelings concerning the tape, and Mimi responds he’s generally focused on making money. Ariane then says she’s not down for Nikko’s eagerness to make money off of showing his woman to the world, and Mimi goes on the attack calling Ariane judgemental. Ariane then breaks into tears saying she feels a certain way about Mimi’s opinion of her, but Mimi insists Ariane doesn’t keep her opinions to herself and judges everything she does. Mimi says she’s OK with living with her decisions, and Rasheeda says everyone’s going to live with it. Erica D. changes the conversation to Mimi’s sickly father, and Mimi says she’s distraught because he’s unresponsive. The talk goes back to Mimi’s tape, however, and Ariane says she feels like she’s carrying Mimi’s stress, but Mimi’s tired of Ariane’s feelings. Mimi says for once and for all that she had no involvement in the tape being leaked or its supposed production and everyone takes her word… to some degree.

8. Joseline confronts Stevie about Mimi’s cover. Joseline confronts Stevie J. about Mimi being on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, which also features Joseline as a centerfold. Stevie tries to tell Joseline that he knew nothing about Benzino putting Mimi on the cover, but Joseline tells him she doesn’t believe him. Stevie admits Zino did tell him that he was thinking of putting the story of Mimi’s sex tape on the cover, but Stevie never signed off on it. Joseline tells Stevie Mimi’s cover is not only disrespectful to her, but to their marriage and proves once again that Stevie doesn’t care about her feelings. Stevie tells Joseline her centerfold will outshine Mimi’s cover, but she says the magazine is a joke and storms out.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 13, “Life Happens”? Tell us in the comments below!