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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Finale Sneak Peek: Nick Viall Gets Grilled by Andi Dorfman’s Dad (VIDEO)

How does Nick Viall spell awkward? Well, we bet it starts with an H and ends with a Y and has a last name suspiciously similar to that of the woman he’s trying to woo. That’s right, no-nonsense dad Hy Dorfman is back in the Bachelorette finale to meet daughter Andi Dorfman’s final two guys — Nick and Josh Murray — and in the latest sneak peek clip, the convo doesn’t appear to be going all that well for the guy (who seems more comfortable communicating his thoughts in “poems” and fairy tales than with good old fashioned talking).

In the clip, Nick seems extremely nervous as Hy stares at him with a look on his face that can only be described as unimpressed. The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Nick tells Hy he wants to marry Andi, but can’t stop blushing and stammering as he tries to ask for daddy-o's permission to ask for her hand. While Nick’s inability to talk good was something that made Andi swoon and giggle, Hy isn’t as smitten with Nicky V as his daughter, and Nick’s schoolboy manner only elicits raised eyebrows from the Dorf Sr.

By the end of the clip, the guy who has thought of himself as #frontrunner all season suddenly gets a case of self awareness, and sums up the interaction with “This date is not going as smoothly and as well as I’d hoped.” Ya’ think?

Watch the awkward with a capital A clip below, then tell us what you think — is Hy unimpressed with Nick or just playing it cool?

Source: ABC