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Teen Mom 2

Nathan Griffith Addresses His Drunken Meltdown: “You’ll Hurt Someone You Love”

Fans of Teen Mom 2 were OMG-ing themselves silly during a sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode, in which Jenelle Evans gets into a fight with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, about the fact that he's kinda-sorta an alcoholic.

Oh, and Nathan was definitely drunk at the time thanks to a day-drinking bender. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

In the clip, Jenelle kindly explains to Nathan why his drinking bothers her, saying, "I think that when you do drink, you binge-drink. You drink too much. When you're drunk, you make dumb decisions, and then you act cocky, you act like nobody can tell you anything."

Unfortunately, Nathan reacted in the worst way possible (read: he had a total meltdown), and it looks like he has some regrets. This MMA fighter took to Twitter to address his drunken fit, writing, "Learn from me, don't ever fight with someone while your drunk, you'll only embarrass yourself and hurt someone you love. (Emotionally)."

Nathan definitely hurt Jenelle during his meltdown (did you see girlfriend's face?), but at least he's managed to clean up his act and take accountability for his actions.

Do you think Nathan has a drinking problem? Let us know below!