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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did Peter Thomas Borrow Money From Cynthia Bailey to Keep Businesses Afloat?

While for many married couple, sharing finances is no big deal, but it seems that some fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta don't see it that way.

Peter Thomas has been the subject of plenty of negative attention since he filed bankruptcy on behalf of his business, BarOne, and it looks like he's about to come under even more fire after fans find out that he had to borrow a major chunk of cash from wife Cynthia Bailey to try to keep the business afloat.

Straight From the A reports that Cynthia, who forked over $60,000 to help Peter start his business, ended up lending him an additional $40,000 when BarOne's financial situation took a turn for the worse.

Citing debts of over $200,000, including outstanding amounts due to the State of Georgia and the IRS, Peter filed for bankruptcy, but it looks like the courts weren't eager to dismiss his case, meaning he's still on the hook for all the cash he owes.

While his recently-announced plans to expand the business may be an indication that he's in a better financial position these days, we hope he and Cynthia don't quit their day jobs anytime soon!

Are you surprised that Cynthia lent Peter money to keep his businesses afloat? Do you think she made the right decision by helping him out?

Source: Straight From the A