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The Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis’s Ex Tweets Nikki Ferrell Amidst Rumors of a Split

Trying to decipher whether Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are together, split up, or in the process of making up by tracking their social media posts is like trying to use a Cracker Jack decoder ring to read Japanese. One day he tweets he’s sad, then she tweets her heart has the sads, then he posts a photo of an empty bench and then we’re all sad. And confused.

Credit: Carla Rodriguez on Instagram    

As if we needed any more moving parts to the enigma that is Bachelor 18’s crowned couple, JPG’s ex — and mother of daughter Camila — Carla Rodriguez, recently tweeted a pretty chummy message to Nikki that makes it seem as if the two women are (dare we say it?) friends. Carla posted a photo of herself and Camila goofing around in a doctor’s office with the caption, “Playing a nurse before the Dr. comes in. @nikki_ferrell you should be here to help…”

Nikki, of course, is a pediatric nurse and Nikki and Carla must be way cool with each other for Carla to imply she’d be OK with Nikki sharing mama ouch-healing duties. The shout out leads us to believe things are a little less rocky in Nikki and JPG land than we’ve all come to assume.

The timing of the tweet is especially interesting as it comes amidst a new flurry of breakup rumors spawned thanks to Ang Cottone, the MILF mom JPG allegedly had his eye on in Atlantic City. Is Carla’s tweet her way of throwing the couple a public relations bone? Or are they all really one big happy family?

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Source: Carla Rodriguez on Twitter