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The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus Shares SDCC Memories: “Robert Kirkman Is Like the God of Comic-Con”

If Norman Reedus didn’t already have the job of playing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, he’d want Anthony Bourdain’s job. So it was a favorite San Diego Comic-Con moment for Norman when he took a selfie with the TV chef — along with "the lead dude from Yo Gabba Gabba!" As Norman told Entertainment Weekly, “I was like, this is the best moment ever!"

Norman may get to have even better moments this weekend at the 2014 Comic-Con. The Walking Dead will hold its panel tomorrow (Friday, July 25), giving us tons of teases on Season 5 including the much-awaited first trailer. Norman will also be talking about his movie, AIR, which was produced by Robert Kirkman.

Speaking of Robert Kirkman … Norman shared some stories with EW on trying to stay anonymous in the crowds of Comic-Con — including dressing up with Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), with Steven as Spider-Man and Norman as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (!) — but Norman said the real star of SCCC is The Walking Dead comic book writer/executive producer.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images    

"The crazy thing is walking around with Robert Kirkman,” Norman told EW. "Robert Kirkman is like the God of Comic-Con, So if you walk around with that guy, you just get mobbed because everyone loves Robert Kirkman and he’s just the king of that world. So that’s my advice: Don’t walk around with Robert.”

If RK were here, he’d most likely chuckle and note that Norman knows who signs his paycheck and keeps Daryl Dixon alive on the show. Walking around with Norman is sure to get you mobbed too, but we envy anyone and everyone who gets to enjoy the madness of Comic-Con. We can only watch from afar — and we’re especially looking forward to watching the new S5 trailer. Give us a good one, God of Comic-Con!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly