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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 2, “Don’t Deceive a Diva” — Here’s What Went Down!

It looks like the divas are already starting to hit personal and professional snags on R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 2: “Don’t Deceive a Diva.” As the divas prepare for their Puerto Rico project, they learn that it’ll be more work than play. And when Chanté Moore asks divas Leela James, Lil’ Mo, and Chrisette Michele to join in on her ladies anthem, things don’t go as planned.

Here’s what went down on Season 2, Episode 2, “Don’t Deceive a Diva”:

Chrisette does it live. Chrisette is nervous about her upcoming performance at the Savoy, butterflies that only get worse when Chanté shares her experience with the sound system being a little off during a past performance. Leela assures Chrisette that she’ll be fine, but a cloud of doubt starts to set in.

Lil’ Mo seeks divorce advice. Lil’ Mo invites Claudette Ortiz over to talk about her current stage in life. She tells Claudette she’s divorced her second husband, Phillip Bryant, and she’s really anxious to tell her children about it as her eldest daughter lashed out during Mo’s divorce from her first husband, Al Stone. Mo asks Claudette for advice, and Claudette tells her to pray on it and be honest — sometimes adult disagree and don’t stay together.

Chanté’s next single. Chanté goes to work on her album, and both her producer and manager are hoping for the singer to make a big hit. Chanté’s manager suggests she asks the divas to re-record a song that was not added to her album called “I Know, Right?” Chante thinks the idea is great, and hopes that when she pitches it to the ladies they will agree to join in.

Chrisette’s sound goes wrong. The night of Chrisette’s solo performance is here, and not only is the singer nervous about the sound system, but the promoter for the event informs Chrisette that she will have to head out on stage 15 minutes later than scheduled. Both Chrisette and her momager, Lissette, are not pleased with the delay. After a moment of frustration, Chrisette hits the stage on time with the R&B divas standing on the sidelines cheering her on. In the middle of her performance, Chrisette’s sound disappears from her earpiece and she’s unable to hear herself. However, being the performer that she is, she continues on with the show. Afterwards, the divas congratulate Chrisette for her performance with Chanté telling Chrisette she noticed that she was distracted a bit, but was able to shake it off beautifully.

Later, Chanté invites Lil’ Mo, Chrisette, and Leela to the studio and asks them to work on her single, “I Know, Right?” Chanté plays the track for the three ladies, who all like it and agree to be a part of it.

Lil’ Mo breaks the news to the kids. Lil’ Mo calls three of her four children together and let’s them know that she’s going through yet another divorce. Justin, Mo and Phillip’s son, tells his mother that he’s sad about the news because he wants to see his dad everyday. Mo then asks her eldest daughter, Heaven, about the text message she sent calling her mother miserable, and Heaven replies she didn’t mean to make her mom take it the wrong way, but she noticed her mother was upset a lot and didn’t like it. As a matter of fact, Heaven reveals she didn’t like her mother’s second husband and never said anything about it. Lil’ Mo learns her children all knew that she was unhappy in her marriage. Mo cries and tells her kids that from now on, they will communicate with each other instead of speaking to others.

Michel’le discuses her suicide attempt. Michel’le meets up with Claudette and the ladies talk about making new music. Claudette says she’s making progress in the studio, while Michel’le reveals she’s putting her suicide attempt into her work. Michel’le tells Claudette she tried to commit suicide six months before the Divalogues last season, which throws Claudette for a loop. Michel’le says she knows she’ll probably still have the thoughts lingering in her head, but she’s at least taking a step toward healing.

Michel’le meets with Tony Cornelius to do a PSA for the Don Cornelius Foundation catered to helping the victims of suicide. As Michel’le reads the PSA, she breaks down in tears thinking of her own experience and the impact committing suicide would have had on her children. Saying that she wished she’d read the script beforehand, Michel’le has a bit of a breakdown and asks for time to regroup. After taking a moment to collect her thoughts, the singer continues to read the PSA.

Puerto Rico! All six divas meet with the director of the Puerto Rico project they all agreed to be a part of during the season premiere. The director lets the ladies know they will be creating a song with a Latin edge as well as several other promotional activities all culminating into a performance during Carnival. To add to the pressure, the director says they only have eight weeks until Carnival and the sooner they provide him with the music, the faster they can move along. The ladies realize that two months is not a lot of time, so they all make a pact to start moving quickly.

Leela’s first tattoo. Chrisette decides to have a bonding moment with the girls and takes Leela to get her first tattoo. While there, Lil’ Mo gets an old tattoo of hers touched up, and makes Leela all the more anxious when she yells in pain while under the needle. When it’s Leela’s turn, the single cries out in pain, but sticks through the end to get her first — and only — tattoo.

“I Know, Right?” goes wrong. Chrisette, Leela and Lil’ Mo meet with Chanté to work on “I Know, Right?” but hit a bit of a snag when Chanté asks the ladies what part of the chorus they’d like to sing. Immediately Chrisette asks Chanté if the women are writing verses or just singing background, as the latter doesn’t sound like what they agreed to. Lil’ Mo silently agrees with Chrisette, and LeeLa chimes in that this was what she expected as well, but Chanté tells the ladies that the song is already written. After an awkward silence, Chanté tells the ladies there’s ample room for them to play around with the song and the ladies all agree to keep moving forward.

After working in the studio, Chanté gets the feeling that the women are uncomfortable with the new shift and after each woman sings her ditty, Chanté thanks them and tells them that they will work on the record another day.

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