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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight on the Season 10 Finale?

We’re at the final stop on Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s rose tour, which means we’re about to see her hand her final flower to either Josh Murray or Nick Viall — and then ride off into the sunset one Neil Lane diamond richer. She’s got two men with whom she seems pretty darn smitten, so how is she going to choose which one gets a green light and which one can’t pass go?

Credit: Barbara Zanon/ABC Television Group    

Before she can get to the point of no return, the men folk have a couple more hoops to jump through (and by hoops we mean Hy Dorfman). The July 28 episode will see Josh and Nick meeting the family, aka, trying not to eff anything up while hoping Hy doesn’t hate them. Neither date goes swimmingly, as Nick goes all schoolgirl giggly and Josh sweats bullets.

After getting judged by bonding with the fam bam, both guys get one more 1-on-1 date with the Dorf: Josh is the recipient of another sailboat ride (seems producers prefer him windswept), while Nick gets a swim in a private lagoon. Both guys give Andi a “heartfelt” gift, and then the ref, aka Chris Harrison, rings the bell and they all go back to their corners to wait for the final round.

D-day comes and Andi has to give up one of her kissing partners for good. When it comes down to it, Nick’s lips are on the losing end of a farewell speech while Josh gets to smooch on for-evah and evah and evah. Looks like the #frontrunner wasn't quite the shoo-in he thought he was... Who wants to bet he's regretting that fairy tale book he gave Andi now that his fairy tale has come to an end? Awkward.

So, with Nick out of the picture the remaining questions are: does Josh propose and are he and Andi still together? Read the answer to
whether he gets on bended knee here, and check out who they’re both currently smooching here.

Are you happy Andi chose Josh or did she make a mistake kicking Nick to the curb?