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The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln: Rick Grimes Is “an Uncompromising, Brutal Leader” in Season 5

Did the fangirl/boy in you geek out a little when you saw Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in full beast mode in The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic-Con trailer? Yasssss.

We've heard a lot about how Rick will be so different in Season 5 than he was in Season 4, and the trailer really showed us that in action. But there's more to come. Andrew Lincoln previously told GoldDerby that Rick is now "at his most dangerous" and “dynamic,” and Andy recently sat down with TVLine to talk more about Rick 5.0.

In the trailer, TVLine noted, there's a point where Rick says these people are his "family." Andy said you're family to Rick if you're standing beside him. If you're standing in front of him, you're a problem. Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and TWD showrunner Scott Gimple were also part of the TVLine interview, and when Andy talked about standing in front of Rick, Michael smiled a bit, perhaps thinking of the upcoming Abraham vs. Rick conflict, in terms of D.C. mission vs. Rick's "family."

Credit: AMC video still    

"I think a lot of the things that are happening this season, it feels like, is whether or not you're willing to come with this man,” Andy said of Rick. “Within the group, but also in front of the group. He's an uncompromising, brutal leader. A very dangerous man, but still a loyal father and friend. It's amazing to play [Rick] this season. And it's been a real privilege to have this gentleman join the crew," he said of Michael.

Right now, Michael said, both Rick and Abraham have the same problem — getting free of Terminus — and nothing makes friends like a common enemy. But we see in the trailer that they will clash at some point, when Abraham is ready to move forward to D.C. and Rick won't leave without "our people." Which people aren't with them? Not sure yet, but we’re guessing Rick wins the argument. Nobody puts The Ricktator in the corner!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

Source: TVLine