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The Kardashians

Brody Jenner Reveals Brother Brandon Once Smooched Stepsister Kim Kardashian! (VIDEO)

The Kardashian family is certainly a touchy-feely bunch, from the routine wrestling matches between the female members of the family to Khloe Kardashian’s baths with brother-in-law Scott Disick. However, it looks like Brandon Jenner may take the cake for the most inappropriate family relationship yet.

On the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner accuses stepson Brody of having a long-standing crush on Kim Kardashian. So, the Brodster does what any normal human being would: he throws Kris off the scent by dishing details of an even more salacious story Brandon and Kim.

While Brody’s recent admission to getting turned on after seeing Kim in a state of undress may have been more than a little strange, he reveals that Brandon got even weirder about their stepsister and planted a smooch on her back in the day. Although both Brandon and Kim are now happily married — thankfully not to one another — we can hardly imagine how awkward those first post-kiss family gatherings must have been.

It looks like the Jenner boys should spend a little less time keeping up with the Kardashians.

Are you surprised at the news of Kim and Brandon’s kiss? Do you think it was wrong of Brody to bring it up?