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Flavor of Love’s Saaphyri Reveals Plastic Surgery Disaster on E!’s Botched — See Her Transformation! (PHOTOS)

When we say the name Saaphyri, does it bring up memories of Flavor Flav and lip balm? Well, then your memory is better than you thought, because Saaphyri Windsor was actually a contestant on the second series of Flavor of Love way back in 2006! Yep, it’s been eight whole years since this little lady wooed the rapper on TV, and since then she’s gone through a lot — including a seriously scary plastic surgery disaster, which she revealed recently on E!’s new show, Botched.

After winning Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School in 2007, the reality diva took some time out of the spotlight to better her look. That included losing a bunch of weight on the “ice cream diet,” which apparently is a thing where you eat ice cream during the day and other foods at night. So yea, like Botched star Paul Nassif said in the episode, we too would like to get in on that weight loss plan!

However, even after dropping the LBs, Saaphyri was still feeling thick in the stomach area, and sought out a plastic surgeon to deal with that — and to amp up her breast size. Unfortunately, girlfriend turned to now-infamous bootleg doctor “The Butcher” for the work, and she actually woke up mid-way through the procedure!

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“I woke up during surgery. I said something to him and he actually told me to be quiet,” Saaphyri told Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow, adding, “There was one patient and he didn’t even take her to the hospital, he took her to his home. She actually died at his home.” Holy crapola!

All of that malpractice caught up to the surgeon, she explained, as he was eventually murdered (by a disgruntled patient, allegedly) at a Frosty Freeze in L.A. And yet, the former Flav girlfriend was left with her loose stomach skin and oversized breasts and areolas.

Doctors Nassif and Dubrow to the rescue! The surgeons (and beloved Househusbands) performed lipo and a tummy tuck on Saaphyri, to deal with her troubled midsection, and lifted and reduced the size of her breasts. The result? Something worthy of a “yea boi!” if you ask us!

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Source: E! News