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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Rapper Claims to Have Had an Affair With Joseline Hernandez!

Weeks after Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J. claimed his wife, Joseline Hernandez, cheated on him with a staggering 30 men, one of the rumored flings is talking! That’s right. According to rapper Ferrari Ferrell, he and Joseline had an affair in which they got down and dirty not once but twice!

In an interview with VladTV, Ferrari claims he first got involved with Joseline on the same night Joseline screamed some seriously bizarre lyrics at the top of her lungs in a recording studio. In fact, Ferrari said he was the one who posted the video (which prompted fans to question if Joseline was abusing drugs) and later that night, the two got it on.

“Actually, that same night of footage (her studio freestyle), is the first time I hit it. But I kept that real low. That wasn’t something I wanted to broadcast. It is what it is. She’s a real freak though,” he revealed. Ferrari said the footage of Joseline’s freestyle was taken months ago, which would also mean the affair happened months ago. However, Joseline was still married to Stevie J., who apparently almost caught the two in the middle of their second rendezvous!
Credit: Instagram    

“We went to her crib. I was smoking. And we did what it did,” he started. Ferrari continued to recall the account, saying, “Next thing you know, an hour later, her phone keep ringing, ringing. She was like, ‘Ah s—t. That’s Stevie.’ I was like, ‘Answer your phone.’ She was like, ‘Nah, nah, nah.’ The n— keep calling. Twenty minutes later, the n— start banging on the door. I’m trying to get out of there. I ain’t cuffin’.”

While Benzino and Joseline’s former booking agent, Dawn Heflin, have also accused the Puerto Rican princess of cheating on Stevie, it looks like the couple have put it all behind them.

As for Ferrari, we’re not sure whether or not to believe everything he’s said — especially since he took this long to break the news — so we are definitely waiting to hear what Joseline has to say about these shenanigans.

Do you think Stevie J. should have forgiven Joseline for her rumored infidelities? Tell us below!

Sources: VladTV via XXL, Ferrari Ferrell on Instagram