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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 10 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 14, “Loss For Love”

Things go from bad to worse for a few of our faves on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 14: “Loss For Love.” Mimi Faust deals with a tragic blow, while Stevie J. tries to get back in Joseline Hernandez’s good graces following the Hip Hop Weekly cover fiasco. Kalenna Harper and hubby Tony fear for their baby, while Karlie Redd and Yung Joc’s relationship comes to an end.

So what were our 10 WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Mimi loses her dad. Mimi’s father (and only living parent) passes away due to complications from a stroke. Mimi, who is currently doing press for her sex tape with Nikko, is unable to fully grieve as she’s constantly on the phone doing interviews. During one interview, Mimi throws a bit of shade at Stevie, who in turn makes a hurtful comment about her and her deceased father. Mimi spends the day reminiscing about her dad with her daughter, Eva, and says the only people she trusts are Nikko and her kid.

2. Stevie J. confronts Benzino. Stevie J. visits Benzino to discuss the cover of Hip Hop Weekly featuring Mimi with Joseline as the centerfold. Stevie tells Benzino that Joseline is in a uproar over the magazine, but Benzino insists it was a great idea monetarily to make the magazine issue all about the two ladies. Stevie tells Benzino he’s going to get him killed over it as Joseline is completely livid, and Benzino tells his friend that he ultimately needs to put his foot down when it comes to Joseline and her irate attitude.

3. Karlie wants to trust Yung Joc. Karlie and Yung Joc are on better terms, and the two work on their track, “Heart Breakers,” to some success. Yung tells Karlie the duo work best when Karlie’s not “being messy,” but Karlie isn’t quite trusting of Yung yet. She asks him if he’s still seeing his friend, Khadiyah, and Yung tells her no, he’s not cheating on her. Later, Karlie meets up with friend Erica Dixon, who has enlisted her to help launch her clothing line. Karlie tells Erica she’s really interested in pushing things forward with Yung, who is making serious strides to get their music on the charts, but she’s still skeptical of him.

4. Deb Antney is upset over his elopement. Deb takes her son, rapper Waka Flocka Flame, to lunch to talk about her feelings concerning his elopement with Tammy Rivera. While Deb says she’s joyous about Tammy joining the family, she admits she’s not too happy about the fact Waka didn’t tell her of his plans. In fact, Deb tells Waka she feels like she lost yet another son (since her youngest, KayO Redd, committed suicide not too long before). Deb asks Waka if his speedy nuptials were his way of grieving the loss of his brother, and Waka tells her he’s completely numb to KayO’s death. Deb tells her son it’s not good for him to keep his feelings bottled up, but Waka says he’s definitely upset over his bro’s death. He adds that he can’t harp on his brother’s death, and instead likes to think of all the peace his brother is at now that he’s away from the stresses he had before. Deb tells Waka that KayO would’ve been pleased to see Waka and Tammy finally tied the knot, and Waka agrees, saying KayO was the one who told him to marry Tammy.

As the conversation goes on, Waka tells his mother that he and Tammy opted out of getting rings because they’re above the material stuff and are looking to build a solid foundation with each other. Deb tells her son she wants him and Tammy to give her grandchildren, and because they got married without her, she wants two in one shot. Waka tells his mother if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen.

5. Kalenna is worried for the baby. Kalenna brings bestie Rasheeda Frost to the doctor’s office to confirm her pregnancy and in the process tells Rasheeda she’s nervous about the baby changing things. As it stands, the couple are on the hunt for a new home, Kalenna’s trying to work on her new album, and this new kid will be baby No. 9 (geez!) for Tony. Rasheeda tells her friend it is a lot of work, but she hopes for the best. Kalenna gets the test results back and it’s confirmed that she’s pregnant; however, the doctor tells Kalenna that the tests indicate there may be something wrong with the pregnancy. Kalenna and Rasheeda tell the doctor of Kalenna’s stresses and household mold infestation, and the doctor tells Kalenna they will run some tests to make sure everything is OK with the baby.

6. Mimi needs a friend. Mimi is in an emotional whirlwind when she meets with Ariane Davis to chat. Mimi is appreciative for Ariane’s support, and tells her that it’s OK to be vulnerable. Mimi tells Ariane that Stevie’s not-so-great behavior (harassing phone calls and threatening texts, mainly) just sent her over the edge. Mimi tells Ariane she’s moved on to someone who cares for her (aka Nikko) and Ariane finally accepts Mimi’s happiness with Nikko, despite her own feelings toward him. Ariane then tells Mimi she’s always going to be in her corner.

7. Tammy wants to prep for a baby. Deb and Tammy meet to make a promotional push for Deb’s movement, No Reckless Internet Posting (R.I.P), which was founded in honor of KayO to try and stop internet bullying and subsequent suicides. During their meeting, Deb tells Tammy that she’s happy to have Tammy join the family, and in turn, Tammy tells Deb she’s thinking of going to a fertility clinic to make sure her parts are functioning so she and Waka can give Deb some grandbabies. Tammy invites Deb to a fertility clinic and Deb is ecstatic.

8. Stevie tries to get Joseline on his good side. Stevie decides to get Joseline back on his good side by calling in favors to film a music video for the Puerto Rican princess. Joseline is obviously excited that Stevie is finally putting her career at the top of his list, but she tells him she still doesn’t trust him. Joseline then demands Stevie has her perform as a headliner at Stevie and Zino’s lounge, but Stevie says he and Zino are still working out some permit/licensing issues on the establishment. He then turns it around and tells Joseline they will be working on the bigger picture, which is getting her name in lights. Joseline says she might let Stevie out of the dog house depending on how well the shoot goes.

9. Ariane confronts Stevie over his behavior. Ariane goes straight to Stevie to figure out why he’s being completely insensitive to her friend. Stevie and Ariane talk about Mimi’s sex tape, which Stevie says Mimi considers a means to make money to take care of Eva since Stevie is a deadbeat dad. Ariane tells Stevie he’s being cruel, but Stevie tells Ariane that Mimi’s sex tape release was all about the money and she’s using his parenting as a scapegoat to explain it. Ariane then tells Stevie he’s being mean to her friend, whose father just died. Stevie and Ariane agree that Nikko is a fool, but Ariane tells Stevie she thinks Mimi released the sex tape to hurt Stevie, who hurt her in the past. They both agree Mimi made a terrible decision in releasing the tape, and Ariane tells Stevie she thinks Mimi and Stevie should sit down and talk over what issues they have. Ariane goes on to say she believes Mimi is on the verge of a breakdown, and that Stevie should probably speak with Mimi to give her some kind of clarity. Stevie says he’d love to, but knows that Mimi won’t agree to it, so Ariane agrees (but doesn’t promise) to get Mimi to sit down with Stevie to clear the air once and for all.

10. Karlie catches Joc in a lie. Erica invites Karlie out to a fashion event to scope out the competition for her upcoming line, Klass 6. At the event, Erica notices her baby daddy, Lil Scrappy, at the bar. Erica and Scrappy get a little flirty with each other, and Karlie thinks there’s still a love connection between the two. Lil Scrappy bumps into Yung Joc, and tells him that both Erica and Karlie are at the same event. Scrappy directs Joc to where Karlie and Erica are standing and at the same moment, Erica spots Scrappy with Joc and Joc’s friend, Khadiyah. Scrappy tells Joc that he’s going to leave so that Yung can handle his business and Erica and Karlie confront Khadiyah and Joc, who told Karlie he was out of town. The four are have a serious staredown.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 14, “Loss For Love”? Tell us in the comments below!