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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Ray J’s Girlfriend Goes on Rampage After Finding Him Cheating?! (PHOTOS)

It has yet to be confirmed if there’s going to be a Love & Hip Hop L.A., or if rumored star Ray J will be a part of the project, but it already seems like Ray’s got a bit of drama going on his life that’s fit for TV.

In addition to his arrest and several assault charges, it looks like Ray J’s love life has taken a major hit and his girlfriend, Princess Love, exacted some revenge, Waiting to Exhale-style.

It all started when Princess Love took to Instagram with a photo of a bathtub filled with water and articles of men's clothing we assume to be Ray J’s and the hashtag “Never Shoulda Did That” — which, coincidentally, is the title of Ray J’s new single. In a follow-up photo, the tub is filled with yet more clothing, sneakers, and a gym bag with the caption, “OK I think I’m done now...”

Click here to see Princess Love trash Ray J’s clothing!

Granted, she didn’t burn his belongings in effigy à la Angela Bassett (or Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, for that matter), but we’re guessing there was more to that tub than just water… Princess later deleted all the incriminating photos and has since posted a message to Instagram, reading, “Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.”

Credit: Instagram    

So what gives — why would Princess go on such a rampage? Well, guys, in yet another post (that’s also been deleted), Princess revealed that she “caught Ray J with some bitches … Clearly I’m too bad for this n—a. #Single.”

Say it ain’t so, Ray J!

We can’t be too sure if it was indeed infidelity on Ray J’s part that brought on Princess Love’s wrath or the rumored comments Ray J made about not needing a woman to “make” him and talks of how much VH1 has to pay for his time (that he, of course, deleted).

If you ask us, this is just the stuff that the Love & Hip Hop franchise is made of. Let’s see if any of it makes it to air!

What do you think of Ray J and Princess Love’s messy breakup? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Mstarz, MediaTakeOut