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Pretty Little Liars

Which Pretty Little Liars Stars Are Besties IRL?

As we continue our journey through Season 5 with the Liars, it’s hard not to wonder what their relationships are like in real life. While the chemistry between our fave PLL couples is undeniable and their friendships appears to be unbreakable, you still have to question whether the actors and actresses are just, well, acting. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite Pretty Little Liars relationships IRL.

1. Shay Mitchell and Keegan Allen’s friendship. Shay and Keegs were not just best friends on-screen — their relationship continues in real-life too! This can be seen in the many ustreams they have done together, in which they don’t stop smiling. Keegan has even called Shay his role model! Recently, he took Shay out on his motorcycle in California, and she Instagrammed an adorable pic of herself and Keegan atop their awesome ride. Even though Season 5 has been lacking a bit in Em and Toby scenes, we’re definitely hoping for some more.

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2. Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen’s immediate connection. Spencer and Toby’s relationship began way back in Season 1 of PLL, and it was based on their initial connection right at the start of the show. The writers noticed their relationship on set, and decided it would be cute to bring the two together on set — thus, “Spoby,” one of Rosewood’s hottest duos, was born! During relationship breaks on the show, Keegan would sometimes call or text her late at night saying he missed her. How cute!

3. Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are best friends. Shay and Ash can be seen in many photos on their Twitters and Instagrams, and each considers the other her best friend; Shay even referred to Ashley as the “little sister” she never had! The two have done a bunch of live chats together, in addition to posting numerous vids of themselves goofing around. They’re so close, they even have their own hashtag! #ButtahBenzo

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4. Lucy Hale and Ian Harding are close friends. The two have admitted many times that they love each other, but, much to our dismay, not in the Ezria kind of way. Lucy and Ian are very close friends in real life, often tweeting at each other, and even having real-life ‘fights.’ Even though we’re all rooting for their undeniable chemistry to turn into real-life romance, it looks like its not gonna happen; luckily, their adorable friendship keeps their on-screen love alive and hot.

5. Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson’s “French” friendship. In 2013, fans and some media outlets speculated that Tyler and Ashley were dating based on some cozy pics they took at Coachella. But the stars shut the rumors down on Twitter, and sadly ruined our dream of a real-life Haleb. Of course, that doesn’t stop these besties from getting intimate — you know, in the BFF kind of way — with each other.

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6. Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario are besties. The two are on-and-off-screen BFFs! Lucy and Troian both struggled through eating disorders and think of each other as a form of support. Their unbreakable bond just shows how honesty and being open are just two keys to an amazing friendship. Go Sparia!

7. Brant Daugherty and Janel Parrish are super close. While this duo may be slightly infamous on PLL due to their association with the “A” Team, Brant and Janel are actually adorable friends. The two have admitted that they are each others favorite person to work with on the show, and have worked together on other works, including a horror short called Something Wicked. Although they met working on PLL, they seem like they have been friends forever.

Are you happy to see the PLL cast is just as close off screen as they are on-camera? Sound off in the comments!

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