Credit: Chelsea Houska on Twitter    
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Chelsea Houska

Did Chelsea Houska and Aubree Dye Their Hair Blue and Purple? (PHOTO)

Much like a bag of Skittles, Chelsea Houska's hair has been dyed every single color of the rainbow. No, literally, one time this Teen Mom 2 star dyed her tresses rainbow colors and it was amazing.

Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    

Thanks to her undying love for cosmetics, Chelsea is more than willing to experiment when it comes to her locks of love, and her hair has been every color under the sun, including blond, brown, black, and bright burgundy.

Girlfriend's hair circa right now is a vibrant shade of red, but it looks like she's taken things to the next level of crazy with some blue highlights. Basically, her hair is one more polyester implant away from becoming the American Flag.

Check out this picture of Chelsea and her adorable daughter Aubree — do you notice anything different about their style? That's right, both these ladies are rocking colorful highlights, but fear not! They aren't permanent.

"Aubs put some blue Chopper Kisses hair chalk in my hair and mommy put some purple in hers!" Chelsea posted to Instagram. "So fun! They also have the CUTEST #luckyties so check them out!"

Chopper Kisses's hair chalk temporarily streaks your hair and easily washes out — which makes it perfect for beauty-obsessed kiddos like Aubree!

What do you think of this gal's new 'do? We think both Chelsea and Aubs look even more glam than usual, but take to the comments and dish your feels!