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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 3, “Bonding Time or Breaking Point?” — Here’s What Went Down!

The divas are really getting into their feelings on R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 3: "Bonding Time or Breaking Point?” As Lil’ Mo struggles to record a song she wrote with her soon-to-be ex husband, Chanté Moore is still feeling the fallout from her background request on her “Ladies Anthem”. Chrisette Michele wants the ladies to work through their issues with a little professional guidance, but it quickly hits a snag and newcomer Leela James has already had enough of the group’s not-so-great energy.

Here’s what went down on Season 2, Episode 3, "Bonding Time or Breaking Point?":

Chanté’s anthem hits a glitch. Following the very awkward studio session with divas Lil’ Mo, Chrisette, and Leela, Chanté and her manager discuss how they thought the divas reacted to singing backup. Chanté says that, had it been her, she would’ve done it no questions asked (having sung backup for the best of the best), while her manager says that she was shocked the ladies would feel offended by the request. Furthermore, Chanté’s manager breaks the news that she’s contacted the divas’ managers to sign off on a release to use their vocals for the track, and she has yet to hear back from them — which is problematic since they have about 24-48 hours to make a decision on where to go next with the song.

Claudette Ortiz reveals her suicidal moment. Michel’le stops by Claudette’s home to talk about the progress she’s made for the Don Cornelius Foundation PSA and her own suicide foundation. Claudette is proud of Michel’le, who then tells her that she’s thinking of joining a support group to further help her with her suicidal episode. In the midst of the conversation, Claudette reveals that a few years ago, she too was in a dark place and thought of ending her life before finding strength to live in the love of her children. Claudette agrees to help Michel’le with her support group.

Claudette attends Michel’le’s suicide support group and helps her friend with her nerves. Michel’le finally goes on stage and tells her story, and is overwhelmed by the positive response in the room.

Chrisette and Leela decompress. Chrisette and Leela meet to discuss how they’re feeling about joining the divas group. Chrisette says that she feels the original divas are holding on to the bad experience of the Divalogues, and the most recent tension between the new divas and Chanté over her “Ladies Anthem” isn’t helping. This is when Chrisette comes up with the idea of all six ladies meeting to air their grievances and finally put them in the past, but Leela isn’t for it and thinks the only thing the divas need to do together is write the song for Puerto Rico and sing.

Later, Chrisette meets with Michel’le to spend quality time with each other, and the two bond over past experiences, with Chrisette revealing that she’s been in a violent/abusive relationship in the past. Michel’le is shocked by the news, but thanks Chrisette for being open with her and the two decide to rope the other divas into a group outing.

Lil’ Mo makes music on her own. Mo takes a meeting with two Grammy Award-nominated producers to work on some new music. Now that Mo and her husband/manager are divorcing, the songstress is transitioning from having her husband handle her professional business to handling it on her own. Mo presents the producers with a song she co-wrote with her husband several years ago, and finds that the song has new meaning to her now that she’s going through a divorce. Mo hears music that she thinks will go great with the song once she edits out her husband’s part, and is really pleased with the direction her sound is going.

Chrisette’s got to make a decision. Chrisette visits her attorney to hammer out the legal and financial details of her participation on Chanté’s “Ladies Anthem”. In reading the proposed agreement, Chrisette’s attorney is bothered by how unprofessional it seems, especially the clause that indicates Chrisette won’t be paid for being featured. While Chrisette’s attorney thinks she should pass on the deal altogether, the singer doesn’t want to appear to be snooty or eager to please, so her attorney agrees to further probe the issue before agreeing to anything.

The ladies go to therapy. While on a hike with Michel’le, Claudette, and Leela, Chrisette proposes the idea of all the ladies going to therapy to get some things off their chest. Leela is pretty reluctant, but ultimately agrees to it.

On the day of their session, Lil’ Mo is busy in the studio and Chanté is nowhere to be found. When the therapist asks the ladies to express how they’re feeling, Chrisette says she feels like everyone is holding on to some baggage, while Leela says she doesn’t think the ladies are at a point where they need to be talking to someone.

Chrisette takes slight offense to that, and Leela explains that she’s not trying to offend Chrisette, but their methods of handling situations are completely different. Michel’le addresses the Divalogues issue with Kelly Price and Chrisette admits she can’t function when people aren’t allowed to speak their minds or their feelings. Leela, on the other hand, says she handles things accordingly with genuine and disingenuous people and all she wants to do is put the foolishness behind them and work together.

The divas dish their feelings at dinner. All six divas come together — per doctor’s orders — to have a discussion about their “pink elephants.” Chrisette is the first to speak, noting that four of the six divas want to get things off their chest. She opens the discussion, saying she felt a little apprehensive about the Puerto Rico project due to the trauma (and drama) they faced with the past Divalogues project. As Chrisette talks, Chanté takes the opportunity to say that initially her rift with Kelly Price made her apprehensive to do yet another project, and so far she does not feel comfortable with the ladies because of tension she feels over the “Ladies Anthem” project with Mo, Leela, and Chrisette. Chanté goes on to say that she felt her “Ladies Anthem” session became dark and emotionally stressful.

Chrisette jumps back into the conversation, saying that the overall issue was the fact that Chanté gave the impression that the ladies were going to be creative, and instead they were called to sing pre-assigned parts. Furthermore, Chrisette says that at the end of the night she received a contract unbeknownst to her that needed to be signed ASAP. Mo says she received the same contract and that her management thought it was quite unprofessional. Chanté tries to quell Mo by saying that she was unaware of her management sending out contracts, but goes on to say that everyone gave her bad looks during the session. Chrisette tells Chanté that she definitely put her best face forward and wished she had spoken with the ladies if she felt jilted. Leela finally opens up about the experience saying that she also received a contract, but she refuses to sign off on anything unless she’s heard a mix. Furthermore, as she and Chanté go back and forth, Leela feels like the energy is starting to go south and now she’s not sure she even wants to move forward with the Puerto Rico trip at all.

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