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The Walking Dead

Tyreese Is “Up Against It” in The Walking Dead Season 5, Carol and Ty Face “Obstacles”

Tyreese (Chad Coleman) deserves more attention.

He kind of fell into the Prison Beth role at the end of The Walking Dead Season 4 — on baby Judith duty while others saw more action. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) was the one who had to introduce Lizzie to the flowers, and in the Season 5 sneak peek, we see Tyreese carrying Judith as Carol whispers “more” in reference to the walker herd in the woods. Both characters are shown in the Comic-Con trailer, with Carol appearing to go Rambo — possibly to help out at Terminus — and Tyreese later bashing someone or something, but also finally reuniting with his sister, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).

Chad Coleman was at Comic-Con with the cast and crew, and he talked to Entertainment Weekly a bit about what’s next for Tyreese. Chad loves that he gets to play a “touchy feely” character with so much heart, who has such an emotional struggle in the harsh zombie apocalypse environment. “Not that we don’t all go through it, but he tends to go through it a bit more than others," Chad said. "But I love that. We need that, you know what I mean?” But he added that Tyreese is still “struggling like hell, man. He’s up against it."

Credit: AMC video still    

Producer Gale Anne Hurd mentioned how, when it came time to cast the beloved comic book character of Tyreese in Season 3, Robert Kirkman said it had to be The Wire’s Chad Coleman. There was no second choice. Chad told EW he was “floored” when RK told him that. “The guy, he’s a genius, to appreciate me like that?” (RK also previously said “My love for Chad Coleman knows no bounds.”) Chad has already extended his character’s life beyond the point where the character died in the books, so Ty is in uncharted waters now.

Melissa McBride added a couple of Carol/Tyreese teases to EW. She said they’re obviously on their way to Terminus at the start of Season 5, but as the sneak peek shows, they also have a herd with them. “They’re gonna have some obstacles,” Melissa said, “but you’re going to see right away how things unfold.”

Are you excited to see what’s next for Tyreese and Carol? We can’t wait to see their emotional reunions with their loved ones, including the passing of the Judith torch back to Rick.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly