Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 15, “Blast From the Past”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 15, “Blast From the Past”

Things are about to pop off for a few of our faves on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 15: “Blast From the Past.” On July 31’s special airing of the hip hop show, Karlie Redd finally confronted Yung Joc about being out of town (when he wasn’t), Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon worked on mending Erica’s relationship with Momma Dee, and Mimi Faust finally got to the root of her on-going men issues.

So what were our 9 WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Karlie confronts Joc. Karlie confronts Joc and his friend, Khadiyah, for lying about his whereabouts and hanging with the same woman he promised he would no longer be around. Joc doesn’t back away from being busted, nor does he apologize for it. Furthermore, Joc tells Karlie she needs to walk away and stop insulting him and Khadiyah in the club before he starts to rattle some cages. Karlie doesn’t back down and Yung continues to hurl insults, and so Karlie throws something at him and leaves the club with Erica Dixon.

2. Mimi has a breakdown with Deb Antney. Deb invites Mimi over to her house to talk through the pain of losing her father. Deb relates to Mimi on multiple levels having lost her own father and her son, KayO Redd. Deb brings the attention back to Mimi’s hurt, and Mimi tells Deb she’s struggling to keep it all together since her father’s death, the sex tape release, and Stevie J.’s disrespectful text messages. Mimi begins to breakdown in tears and realizes she’s upset with Stevie because she wants her daughter to have a great relationship with her father despite Stevie’s ways.

3. Benzino throws a showcase for fianceé Althea Heart. Benzino throws Althea a showcase to jumpstart her music career and Thi Thi performs her new single, “Ghetto Love.” At the showcase, Althea chats with Rasheeda Frost while Kirk Frost has some alone time with Benzino. Both Althea and Benzino tell Rasheeda and Kirk respectively that they’ve set a date for the wedding, which is two weeks away. Both Kirk and Rasheeda are blown away by how quickly the two are getting married, but are nonetheless happy for the couple. During Benzino’s conversation with Kirk, he mentions he wants to get a prenup, but he doesn’t know how to go about telling Althea he wants one. In a drunken haze, Benzino tells Althea he loves her to death and slyly drops the word prenup. Catching it, Althea tells Benzino she doesn’t want a prenup, but Benzino tries to persuade her by saying Kirk says it’s essential. Thi asks Benzino if he trusts her and after a moment of drunken deliberation, Benzino decides to toss the prenup idea out of the window.

4. Stevie reaches out to Mimi. Mimi meets with Stevie to discuss some of their unresolved issues. Mimi immediately asks Stevie what’s going on with him in regards to the foul things he said to her after her father passed. Stevie apologizes for his actions, but tells Mimi she and Nikko were wrong for talking about his fatherhood. Stevie then tells Mimi he doesn’t want to see her get hurt by Nikko, adding he believes Nikko was the one who leaked the tape. Mimi tells Stevie that Nikko was the only one there for her during the death of her dad and the mess of the leaked sex tape. Mimi storms off telling Stevie that he needs to stop being a hypocrite and that he’s full of bull.

5. Erica and Scrappy try to make a truce. Erica and Scrappy have a family day with their daughter, Emani. While playing mini-golf, Scrappy tells Erica that he asked his mother, Momma Dee, to call Erica to bury the hatchet. Erica says that she doesn’t mind putting all her issues with Momma Dee to rest; however, having dealt with Momma Dee in the past, she knows there’s a lot that can go terribly wrong if each party doesn’t come forward with an open mind. Scrappy tells Erica he knows how volatile his mother can be and he hopes everyone can comes to a peaceful resolution for the sake of Emani.

6. Althea goes wedding dress shopping. Althea and Rasheeda go wedding dress hunting with Althea’s mother. In the middle of shopping for a dress, Althea tells Rasheeda that Kirk and Benzino spoke about Zino and Thi Thi getting a prenup. Rasheeda reveals she and Kirk never got a prenup, and Althea tells her mom and Sheeda that she and Zino have decided to toss out the prenuptial agreement. Althea tells Rasheeda she’s looking to own part of Hip Hop Weekly and build an empire with Zino. Rasheeda tells Althea she’s happy for her, and hopes Althea doesn’t go down the same road that Althea’s mom did of being married five times.

Later, Rasheeda visits Kalenna Harper at her new home and drops off a gift for Kalenna’s unborn baby. Karlie, who is also present, is shocked to hear that Kalenna is pregnant and congratulates the expectant mother. As the conversation continues, Karlie relays the news that she caught Yung Joc in a lie, and Rasheeda lets it slip that Althea is wearing white to her wedding. Karlie then makes jokes about Althea and Zino’s wedding and says that she’s done with Joc.

7. Momma Dee heads to the studio. Scrappy meets with Joc to talk over the Karlie-Khadiyah situation, and Joc admits he likes Karlie, but she can be a bit much to handle at times. Joc then asks Scrappy about the flirtation that he saw between him and Erica. Scrappy says that he’ll always love Erica, and he admits he did want to be with her that evening, but he knows that the two of them just can’t be together. When Joc asks Scrappy if he’d rather stay with current girlfriend Bambi or baby mama Erica, Scrappy chooses Bambi.

Later on, Lil Scrappy visits his mother, Momma Dee, to tell her about Erica’s upcoming fashion show, which his daughter, Emani, will be at. Momma Dee tells Scrappy she hasn’t received an invite to the show; however, she’s not surprised since she and Erica have not always seen eye to eye. At the insistence of Scrappy, Momma Dee decides to reach out to Erica to find a middle ground for the sake of her grandbaby.

Scrappy then stumbles upon some lyrics Momma Dee has written for a song. Momma Dee tells Scrappy she’s working on an R&B, gospel-inspired single, and Scrappy is (obviously) shocked. Momma Dee then asks Scrappy if he would be so kind as to stop by one of her studio sessions to give his critique, and he agrees to do so.

8. Erica and Momma Dee make amends. It’s the big night of Erica’s fashion show for her line, Klass 6, and everyone comes out to support Erica, including Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee. As the show winds down, Momma Dee comes over to show her support and Erica’s mom has some concerns. Immediately, Erica’s mom asks Momma Dee if she’s really there for moral support, and Momma Dee says that she is, and even gives flowers to Erica. Momma Dee then pulls Erica aside and apologizes to her for all the wrong that she’s done to her as she is the mother of her granddaughter.

9. Mimi confronts Nikko about being married. Mimi meets up with Nikko after being sent a link from an article in MediaTakeOut about Nikko being married. When Mimi asks Nikko if there’s any truth to it, he tells her that he’s happy she asked and that indeed there is truth to the article saying he is in fact married.

A re-airing of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 15: “Blast From the Past” airs tonight, Monday, August 4, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 15: “Blast From the Past”? Tell us in the comments below!