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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Says Nathan Griffith Won’t Let Her Move to North Carolina — Why?

Remember back in the olden days when Jenelle Evans lived in North Carolina and hung out at Planet Fun all day? She literally spent her time at a planet full of fun, guys. But then Jenelle packed her bags and booked it over to South Carolina to shack up with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle and Nathan have been living in South Cackalacky for the better part of a year, but fans have been critical of Jenelle for moving so far away from her son, Jace, who lives with his grandmother.

While Jenelle is only a short drive away from Jace and can easily visit him on weekends, she definitely misses her hometown of Wilmington, N.C. So, why doesn't this southern belle head back? Three words: baby daddy drama.

According to Jenelle, Nathan is unwilling to relocate to North Carolina because he doesn't want to leave his family. "It's amazing!" Jenelle tweeted when a fan asked about Wilmington. "I want to go there but Nathan doesn't want to move that far away from his parents."

It's adorable that Nathan's a mommy's boy, but some fans are wondering why it's more important for him to be close to his parental units than it is for Jenelle to be close to her son.

Do you think Nathan should re-evaluate his priorities and put Jace first? Head to the comments and dish.