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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: How Did Marcus Grodd Betray Sarah Herron?

Things heated up during the August 4 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise — and we're not just talking about Chris Harrison's stylish beachwear, which was so hot that it was on fire. BiP's cast of rejected Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants has only been living together for a week, and hearts are already being broken all over the place… including that of fan favorite, Sarah Herron.

Credit: ABC/Bob D'Amico    

Sarah overcame her nerves and asked Andi Dorfman's cast-off Marcus Grodd on a date during the first episode, and despite the fact that they had an amazing time making out in some creepy hole in the ground, Marcus stabbed her in the back during the Rose Ceremony.

You see, turns out Marcus had feelings for Lacy Faddoul, and despite the fact that Lacy most definitely would have gotten a rose from her hook up buddy, Robert Graham, Marcus asked her to accept his rose. Oh, and this is after he and Sarah had an entire conversation about how great she is, and how she definitely deserved to stay in paradise.

Considering that Marcus was a total sweetheart during Andi’s season of The Bachelorette, we're slightly surprised that he'd throw a sweet girl like Sarah under the bus, just for the sake of making out with Lacy — and Sarah did not seem happy. Luckily, she was given a rose from Ben Scott, but we have a feeling next week is going to be all kinds of awkward....

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