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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga Admits She Played a Part in the First Responder Party Craziness

Whose fault is it that Bobby's "first responder" party turned into a "first fight of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6" party, instead? Amber Marchese, for spreading rumors about Nicole Napolitano? Melissa Gorga for telling Nicole? Nicole for overreacting?

In her Bravo blog on the episode, Melissa actually admitted that she isn't blameless in this situation, writing, "I totally accept the part I played in all of the craziness."

That said, she goes on to point a finger at Amber, saying, "as I have said, I really felt like Amber put me in a bad position by telling me the rumor 'she heard through the grapevine' about Nicole in the first place. It only felt right to give Nicole the opportunity to clear up if what Amber 'heard' was true or not."

She also says she was hoping the party would play out a bit differently: "I had really hoped that we could have all talked about what happened, cleared the air, moved on, and enjoyed the party. Obviously that didn't happen, and now the men got dragged in." Oh, and according to Melissa, there's a lot more insanity where that came from next week!

Who do you think is most to blame for what happened? Amber for repeating the nasty rumor, Melissa for bringing it up to the twins, or Nicole for her intense reaction? Let us know in the comments below.

Catch the next episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: Bravo