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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz Sons Don’t Know Amina Buddafly and Their Baby Sis!

For most of Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Amina Buddafly hid her life with husband Peter Gunz as Peter was still in a relationship with his baby mama Tara Wallace. However, the truth finally surfaced and and everything came to light. Well guys, it looks like Amina’s being kept a secret again… sort of.

As you know, Amina and Peter welcomed their first child together, a baby girl, on July 29, but it looks like some members of the Pankey family were unaware of the news — particularly Peter’s two sons with Tara, 2-year-old Kaz and 6-year-old Jamison.

“They don’t know,” Tara told Mara the Hip Hop Socialite of their baby sister. “That’s something [Peter] and I are discussing, how we’re going to let them know that information. It’s a lot. They’re just too small to try and process that.”

Now we know what you’re thinking — how can they not process that their dad has another baby when they already have other siblings (six to be exact)? Well, that’s probably because the kids still have no clue that Tara and Peter broke up and that Peter’s married to Amina!

“Our boys are very small,” Tara explained. “It’s just a conversation they’re not ready to hear. They’re obsessed and adore their dad, so when their dad is not home, as far as they’re concerned he’s at work and he’ll be back tomorrow ” Wow…

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Hopefully Tara and Peter breaks the news to their kiddos — and quickly. Tara revealed that both she and Peter will be back for Love & Hip Hop Season 5, which might also mean screen time for Amina and the littlest Pankey.

And while Tara and Peter’s sons are in the dark about Amina and Peter’s new bundle of joy, Tara said she knows Amina’s baby is going to be a relative and she congratulates the couple.

“As long as Amina has a happy healthy baby — no woman would want a woman to have a baby that’s anything other than healthy, perfect, despite the circumstances — congratulations to them,” she said. But don’t expect Tara to be too open to Amina and the baby coming around her kids anytime soon.

“There’s no need for that right now,” she said, throwing in, “We’ll get there. Not yet.”

Do you think Tara and Peter should tell their sons about Amina’s baby girl and their marriage? Tell us below!

Source: Mara the Hip Hop Socialite