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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette’s Brian Osborne Rushed to Emergency Room! What Happened?

The upside of dating an athletic guy? The muscles and playful sense of competition. The downside? He’s constantly getting injured.

Though he’s not technically an athlete anymore — some might call him a “former not-pro basketball player,” right Josh Murray? — Andi Dorfman’s ex Brian Osborne is a high school b-ball coach, and that active lifestyle had him in the hospital this week!

Credit: Brian Osborne on Twitter    

Before you panic, this Pennsylvania hunk is going to be OK. Sounds like he didn’t get the memo from Clueless to not do any activities where balls fly at his face, and the result was less than pretty. Brian announced the injury on Twitter, writing, “How come I'm always in the emergency room? I might as well start learning how to stitch on my own. Please not another black eye!”

Just in case you were really yearning for a visual after that, Coach offered one up. “Punishment for not getting the team into the weight room earlier. Way to rebound and chin the ball through! Haha,” Brian wrote next to a photo of a big gash next to his eyebrow.

You’ve got to be more careful, Bri! Leave the messy cuts to the teens on your team and preserve that cute face.

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Source: Brian Osborne on Instagram