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Beyoncé Calls On the Run “Best Tour of My Life” in New Photo of Jay Z and Blue

Finally! Some good news about Beyoncé and Jay Z! For weeks we’ve been inundated with report after report that our favorite musical power couple is headed toward divorce. They’re on the outs, we’ve read. They’re breaking up as soon as their tour’s over. Well, to that we say ha! Because here we are, at the fated day of apocalypse, and the Carters seem better than ever.

Credit: Beyoncé on Instagram    

Last night marked Bey and Jay’s last On the Run show stateside as they concluded a two-night stop in San Francisco. (Fun fact: They were at AT&T Park, aka Kimye’s engagement locale.) While they’ve technically still got two more shows next month in Paris, those being the ones recorded for their forthcoming HBO special, the Queen’s latest Insta-pic has us thinking all’s well in the world of Bey.

Thank you, San Fran! Your city is beautiful. It was the perfect place to complete the best tour of my life! Thank you to all the fans that supported our show. God bless,” she wrote August 7.

Did you see that? “Best tour of my life” — this coming from a woman who cut her teeth with Destiny’s Child and has sold out stadiums solo for years.

Making this all the better is the picture Beyoncé picked to accompany that uplifting caption. The snap shows baby Blue Ivy wearing an On the Run tour jacket, holding a doll, and being carried by her dear ole dad, Jay Z. They’re all headed toward the family private plane, which we hope will whisk them off to some exotic retreat far away from all the nasty rumors. Bon voyage, Carter family!

Source: Beyoncé on Instagram