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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 4, “Diva’s Got a Brand New Bag” — Here’s What Went Down!

Picking up where we left off on R&B Divas L.A., the divas are still in a bit of a funk over the Ladies Anthem “shade” that went down with Chanté Moore. However, they’re forced to push their differences aside when their workload for the Puerto Rico project is doubled. Through it all, the ladies manage to have fun: Michel’le goes on her first date in a year, Lil’ Mo throws her gals a sex toy party, and Chrisette Michele mixes business with pleasure.

Here’s what went down on Season 2, Episode 4, "Diva’s Got a Brand New Bag":

1. Leela James proposes they make lemonade. Leela tells the divas that she’s not down to do the Puerto Rico project if all the ladies are going to have a funky vibe about it; however, she feels that the past is past and if all the ladies can move past it, they’ll have a wonderful experience.

Chanté agrees, but Claudette Ortiz says in order to move forward with something new, they must first get over their lingering issues. Chanté then says that she’s feeling stressed over a lot of things in her life and quite frankly is ready to shut down and stay to herself. Michel’le and Chrisette are both taken aback by Chanté’s words. However, Chanté insists she’s no longer in the group to make friends.

2. Jam Session. Despite their uncomfortable dinner, the six divas meet at Claudette’s house to work on their tourism song for the Puerto Rico project. As the ladies are vibing, Michel’le leaves to pick up her daughter and the remaining five divas enjoy how the song is progressing. At the end of their session, Lil’ Mo asks if Chrisette’s boyfriend, Justin, will produce the record, and Chrisette asks the ladies if they agree. All five ladies agree, but as Lil’ Mo starts to question something, Chanté cuts her off and tells her to say nothing. This rubs Lil’ Mo the wrong way.

3. Leela has a one-on-one with Chanté. Leela addresses Chanté’s disconnect ever since the awkward session for her Ladies Anthem track, “I Know, Right?” and Chanté says she’s OK for the most part, but is just waiting for approval from the ladies — Leela included — to use their vocals for the mix. Leela responds that she didn’t mean for Chanté to feel any ill will towards her, to which she rebuts by telling Leela that she has to take it personally since it’s a project that matters to her.

Moving on, Leela tells Chanté she doesn’t mind signing off on the record, but she wants to hear it first, to which Chanté replies that hearing a final mix shouldn’t stop her from signing off on it if there’s a level of trust between them. She gives Leela an ultimatum: either sign off or don’t.

4. The Divas talk sex and dating. Michel’le, Mo, Chrisette, and Leela go out for dinner to just have fun girl talk. During their conversation, Michel’le reveals that she likes to date older men (50 years and older to be exact), while Lil’ Mo dishes that she may not be entirely single following her divorce from hubby Phillip Bryant. Chrisette brings up the topic of sexual fluidity, and Leela tells everyone that she’s strictly men, while Mo drops the bomb that she’s been in threesomes with women. Chrisette says she’s witnessed an orgy, and Michel’le hints that she might have been in one herself. Leela calls the ladies “freaks” which Chrisette thinks is pretty judgemental of her. Leela says she’s not, and both Mo and Chrisette say they’re not freaky, they just know what they like.

5. More work. Claudette and Leela get news from the director of the Puerto Rico project that instead of one song, they would like two records from the divas. Claudette’s nervous to tell the divas since there’s some tension.

Finally, Claudette calls the divas over to break the news. Chanté says that in order to get the two songs done on time, the director has to comply to a list of demands, including a studio, a band, and tea. The ladies all agree that if their needs aren’t met, they’ll pull out of the project.

On a completely different note, Mo tells the ladies that she’s going to throw them a sex toy party. All of the ladies are for it, except for Chrisette, which is a shock to Leela.

6. Michel’le and Mo see the match maker. Michel’le and Lil’ Mo take a trip to the matchmaker in hopes of getting Michel’le back on the dating scene. Lil’ Mo thinks she needs to date a young man, whereas both Michel’le and the matchmaker think its best she date an older man instead. The matchmaker tells Michel’le that she’ll have a match for her within a day.

When she meets up with her date, Mike, he admits he’s googled her and learned some interesting things. However, while he’s slightly intimidated, he is impressed by her charity work. The date goes well and Michel’le thinks they seem to be looking for the same things in a mate.

7. Chrisette warns Justin about the project. Chrisette has dinner with her boyfriend Justin and voices her concerns about him working on the Puerto Rico project. He says not worry, but she wants to make sure nothing gets in the way of their relationship — especially working with five women she doesn’t know well enough. Justin shrugs off her concerns and says he’ll have her back.

8. Lil’ Mo spills her “tea.” Lil Mo invites Michel’le over to discuss her date, which she says went well. Next, Mo decides to get a few things off her mind, including her lingering feelings about Chanté. Mo tells Michel’le she’s growing annoyed with Chanté’s belittling ways, including being hushed at the jam session, and her disappointment at not seeing Lil’ Mo or Claudette Ortiz at the Ladies Anthem recording. This is when Michel’le says that she’s noticed for some time that Chanté acts as though she and Claudette are beneath her, and when she tried to speak to Chanté about it, it didn’t go well. Mo tells Michel’le that she’d like to talk to Chanté about her feelings, and Michel’le warns her to beware Chanté’s tendency to play the victim.

9. Chanté tries to get an answer from the ladies. After a fun sex toy party, Chanté invites Chrisette, Leela, and Mo to the studio to hear the rough mix of her Ladies Anthem, “I Know, Right?” Chrisette and Leela tell Chanté they’re pleased with the rough mix, but Mo says before she can approve anything she has to get her feelings off her chest. Chanté tells Mo she’s not shocked there’s been a bit of shade between them and the two spiral from there.

Mo saying she feels offended and Chanté says she thought Lil’ Mo would’ve been quick to support her with her new song. Mo then went on to say that she didn’t appreciate Chanté shushing her, or the fact that she didn’t publicly support Mo’s new music. Chanté responds defensively that she’s got a lot going on in her life and doesn’t understand social media, but Mo doesn’t buy it. Finally, Chanté tells Mo she’s hurt to see her taking photos with her ex husband, Kenny Lattimore, especially while they’re in the midst of a tough divorce and custody battle. Mo fires back that it’s crazy Chanté can find a photo on social media but have no time to support Mo’s music with a tweet or two.

Eventually, Chrisette comes between the two women and she and Leela try to press for a resolution. Though Mo and Chanté have a tearful hugging session, Mo suspects Chanté is just playing the victim to get what she wants.

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